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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. i mean i stare a lot, but if they were to move, my eyes wouldn’t follow them. i stare in directions, not AT people, that’s weird. And it’s weird to be socially aware enough to know the etiquette of staring at people being discomforting but instead having an excuse lined up.

    People learn to avoid staring in elementary school dude.

    from post history your experience with him seems insufferable

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  3. But even if real life was like the MCU, would Captain America sue because he was passed over for a promotion? I think not.

  4. It is hot to get over the embarrassment, it is forever recorded in your brain but on the bright side it is a start for a beautiful friendship. Everyone who walks upon this world has had embarrassing moments. Remember you are much wiser now.

  5. Like other have said, this is a band-aid situation: just rip it off. Be direct, and be kind. As another poster replied, this isn't the end of the world; people have survived actual stabbings and falling off planes. They'll survive a break up.

    However, you have already processed the end of your relationship while your gf will probably have the rug pulled from underneath, even if she had noticed that your relationship wasn't doing so well these days. This is were being prepared would be a kindness. Do you have a plan for your post break up? Are you moving? Is she? Could you perhaps have some trusted mutuals on stand-by to offer some support?

    There's nothing wrong with breaking up, and you have no onus here, but it'd still be the classy thing to do.

  6. My dad did this to me and my mom when I was 13. He just moved to another state for a better job and left us. He didn’t understand why I grew to resent him. And these days he complains about how his kids are “ungrateful”.

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