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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Good points, now that I think about it, it has been rush rush rush and not a lot of stop and look back. I didn't even wait 15 days after my dog past maybe I do have to start listening to my parents

  2. My ex freaked out when she accidentally bled through her pad one night. I woke up to her yelling at me about it. I just cleaned the sheets, put on new ones and tried to get her to calm down. I guess her mom told her that doesn't happen to grown women and embarrassed her one time when it happened.

  3. But you didn't help him. You blundered into a situation you clearly hadn't listened to him about, thought you knew better than he who had lived it, forced him to break boundaries, and have thoroughly made things worse for all concerned.

  4. i forgot to mention i got told no other girls were going away sorry i think i ranted to quickly and i agree if it was a discussion prior not a last minute yelling situation i would’ve been more than okay! so the no other girls gets me frustrated because i was told there was strictly no other females going.. i’m half on i’m over exaggerating it’s a few more days and i’m annoyed due to the fact i got yelled at and got controlled of my own decisions.

  5. I don't like letting him know what makes me feel insecure because I don't think he has ever stopped doing something after I talked about it and it makes me feel even worse. I also don't want him to leave because he thinks being with me is getting too complicated

  6. Wait wait wait… so he wanted the kind of open relationship that was only open on his end? He wasn’t ok with you being with other men? Is that what you’re saying? If so, I would RUN.

  7. Well I wouldn't date anyone who actively clubs and on top of it is irresponsible with alcohol so….I think you both need to reevaluate your position on alcohol use and clubbing and how it impacts the relationship.

  8. You do not bring it up in a non confrontational way. He pulled a bait and switch. That is worth confronting him about.

    Take him to dinner nad flat out ask him where he genuinely stands on the subject. Then, let him talk. Go separately because I suspect you have a lot to think about.

    He's 32. He knows whether he wants to get married or not. Do not waste another year with him if it is not something he wants.

  9. Had a housemate like this only it was her boyfriend making squeaky noises like a cartoon bat (Eeeeh! EEeeeh! EeeEEEeee!)when they fucked and they did it any time of the day. Their room was diagonal to mine and above the kitchen where once when I spoke to the only housemate I socialised with we suddenly heard them doing it at about 11am so got a mop and stated hitting the ceiling.

    It didn't stop and it was fucking horrible. My BF at the time suggested we could do a competitive answer to squeaky boy but that wouldn't be fair to the other housemate.

    I did leave a note under their door and it did become less of an issue but yeah it's horrible when you live with very load people

  10. There are three possibilities here.

    1, he's already married.

    2, he's gay, and you're his beard.

    3, there's a co-worker he’s interested in and wants them to believe he's not tied down.

  11. Yeah, my daughter got diagnosed recently and going through the criteria with the assessor made me question an awful lot about my own “quirks”.

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