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Date: September 26, 2022

20 thoughts on “IG: its.clarachan the very hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Yeah……she really didn’t own up to it right away. She was at the start of trickletruthing “she kissed a guy” her friend busted her when she told the truth that they were making out and would have been hot, doing the nasty if she hadn’t stopped her.

  2. You’re misguided. I was with him for nearly two years and he advised they were separated completely – that they were getting divorced. I contacted her immediately when I found out. EAD.

  3. OP why are u with this dude? He clearly is breaking boundaries of things that u aren't comfortable with AND HAVE STATED AS SUCH! due to literal SA trauma and ontop of it found it funny? And then ignored u for not liking it?

    ur staying because?

    “He's a good guy?” :No he isnt! I married a good guy, i have family members and friends who are good guys… ur bf did something to u you hate and makes u feel gross about urself for his own pleasure and found your discomfort humorous! Good men don't do that!

    Because “you love him?” : my gurl wtf is there to love?! He sounds like a creep. And don't say uve been together for a long time. That doesn't excuse his behavior it makes it worse.

    Because “he will say sorry and it was a mistake”: he wasn't sorry! And he made that rather clear if he apologizes it'll be to get u off his back not because he gives a shit about the fact it hurt u. Bt to get u to stop nagging him if u get the self respect to tell him it's unacceptable.

    U shouldn't feel Slightly violated.. he violated u! U don't do tht shit to someone u love especially someone that's been physically and mentally impacted by trauma because of the same shit!

    U deserve better please Lord have the decency towards urself to get a better bf!

  4. If he's upset because he now knows, ok well maybe I can see that but if he's upset because you hooked up with someone then fuck him, he didn't want you and you weren't together, you can do whatever you want.

    And you don't have to downplay the guy like you did, it doesn't matter if it was serious or a one night stand or if you keep in touch, it was your business to do as you please.

  5. If this was a man complaining about the way his SO had an aircut ( for example ) everyone will be boiling down on OP.

    Long live the double standarts.

  6. Hold up. Who pays the rent/bills? Cause the more likely scenario is that you live at your boyfriends place and he wants to have HIS kid come live! at HIS place

  7. Sorry, I phrased that way wrong. I'm in no way going to say that, it's just something I feel bad about and also want to thank her for how much she gave a year and a half ago. But you're right, if I instinctively typed it that way, I'm on some level blaming my ex for a lot of what she put her mother through. Yea, it's probably not my place. I'm glad I made this post.

  8. No you should not cave and give him another chance. He’s a liar and a cheater and he will continue to be a liar and a cheater. Move on

  9. Trying to work around him by getting the photographers will not work. As long as he is free to move around, he will jump into every frame he gets the chance of. Short of physically restraining him, he’ll just be free to be as disruptively clownish as he wants.

  10. I mean if you continue to watch media with it and are finding it hot to make it through watching shows with zero tolerance- and it is detrimentally affecting your life/habits then yeah.

    Sometimes part of the suffering in a story is learning that the suffering was unfair and the character overcoming it. If you're finding yourself constantly turning off shows and unable to appreciate a full story in your daily life it probably is worth paying some attention to and talking with a therapist.

    OP is finding this to be detrimental to their viewing with their partner and is concerned. She knows he has some hurt he is going through, and I'd argue he should at least examine this hurt critically and talk with a therapist if he hasn't yet.

    If you have triggers that affect daily life you should talk to a therapist and confront that pain in some way so you can figure out how to process it and adjust- even if that means the therapist telling you to skip scenes/shows with that content at least you know you're doing it healthily.

  11. There is no such thing as “coming out as poly.” It's not an identity, it's a lifestyle choice. It simply means she's either already cheating, or wants to start, but doesn't want to deal with the guilt. Lawyer up.

  12. OK, and he literally thinks about having sex with other women. What's the difference? Other than hes a man and he thinks it should be ok for him but not for you,

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