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  1. She is toxic and will continue to do this to you if you don’t cut it off now. Not even just the phone bill, she’ll start randomly asking you for money because you are afraid to be harsh towards her… she has you wrapped around her finger and you don’t even realize it

  2. Oh I didn't know this was possible, thanks for the info ?! I need to do this with my boyfriend's fingerprint for my phone so I don't need to tell him my phone's pin when he needs to unlock it or use it for some reason, since he can never remember my pin.

    My bf doesn't have a pin or fingerprint access on his phone to unlock it, so my fingerprint doesn't need to be added to his phone since his own fingerprint isn't even in it.

  3. Privacy part doesn’t matter at this point. You’ve been with community dirty dick for 2 years, maybe you still are. But I wouldn’t stay with someone after this.

  4. Oh yes, the throwing and also the gaslighting is very much abuse. He’s completely out of line there.

    I was specifically talking about the elbowing.

  5. If you keep posting he will dump you. He asked you not to post Or tag him/ family or to be flashy. This is his boundaries, why push it.

  6. As a guy, it’s hot to accept help when you’ve been going at it alone for a long time, it can make you feel more powerless than the disease he has is currently making him feel. It most likely is really hurting him to feel like he’s putting you in a situation where you’re still young and needing the money you have to start your life while helping him cling onto his, as a dad you don’t wanna take from your kids but give as much as you can which is why he’s absolutely refusing. If you do anything, just remember it’s easier to apologize later for something he doesn’t want you to do out of kindness, which means you can pay some of his bills behind his back anonymously to keep him going and if he finds out don’t apologize but tell him you’re going to help him no matter what because he’s your dad. He might be stubborn about this but he will respect you so much more and your relationship with him will change dramatically because of it. Hope things work out and hope he gets better soon!

  7. Oh no, I wouldn’t have an issue if it was just a little messy. The kitchen isn’t even useable because of so much stuff, there is only pathways to get around, along with three cats, and being a mobile home it’s just…. rough. I feel bad and try to be gentle with the subject because of it being his mom, but with this I just don’t know what to do.

  8. I sang a stupid song for him to make him laugh. My wife did not like that one bit. She threw a shitfit about how he was going to “imitate the wrong lyrics.” She did not stop talking about how I need to teach him only “the correct lyrics” to songs

    That would make me want to blast Weird Al Yankovich records around her all day long. Seriously, she sounds like my abusive, hypercritical grandma, whom I went NC on as an adult. My question is has she always been like this or is it more recent? She prob won't listen to you but it sounds like she needs to see a doctor and a therapist because she must be miserable inside.

  9. Except it isn't the case here allas she sucked face with OP. If you don't want it you don't kiss back simple as that.

  10. Let me just say this.

    I dated a guy in high School. This friend/acquaintance I used to ride the bus with would say he's gross, weird, etc.

    Guess who's married with 3 or 4 kids now? That's right, her and my ex.

    All these people saying red flag and she's trying to take your man, listen to them. They're on to something.

  11. Lol how you will support your bf to move 3 hours away, when you have been together already for a year, and he even meet your child… it’s a waste of a year for a single mom that’s looking for a estable relationship… not saying OP shouldn’t take the job, but dating a single mom comes with responsibilities… and OP seems not realizing this..

  12. Lol. You can commit to making a 3000 mile trip multiple times per year but can’t commit to dinner in a week and haven’t had sex in 5 months. And you wonder why he’s happy to be single? You’re a mess

  13. 47 Male, have never cheated on a girl ever, and never knowingly got involved with a girl who wasn't single.

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