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Date: September 25, 2022

13 thoughts on “I love patterns , ? 77-88-99-222-333-696 the naked online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. “I don't want to throw away the last 5 years too” this is called sinking coast fallacy, people are so focused on what they already invested that they can't see it's better to cut their losses. Seriously, give her an ultimatum. Maybe tell her that you talked to your father and he said he doesn't want you to marry her unless SHE converts to your religion if you want to get the point across. She can either marry the norsen you, or marry someone else. Don't convert.

  2. I will answer only question. Yes, you are overly tolerant. You have been cheated on, it's not grey zone at all. She has been sharing her feelings and planning to dump you for half year. Get a grip and leave her for your own benefit.

  3. I what her to trust me but I don’t know what I should do to gain back her trust. I have already given up on drinking not going to any party I been invited to just sitting at home watching movies instead

  4. Three men don't like you. I think the problem here is you're trying to clump social groups together and expecting that all of them are exactly the same, just because three men who appear alternative is not in to you does not mean anyone that is considered 'alt' isn't into you.

    Ask men if they've been rejected 3 times in a row. You'll find out its shockingly common, regardless of their 'type'.

  5. Time to let this man go. He all but told you I want to sleep with other women. I would say go ahead but I won’t be around. Don’t let him walk all over you and try to guilt you. If you love me type situation. Sounds like a manipulation tactic to get what he wants. Damn your feelings

  6. got engaged towards the end of last year. He moved in with me around May of last year and all was going well until I realized he hadn't been helping with anything around the house and I was having to constantly remind him to take out the trash, help with the dishes, do the laundry, etc.

    yeah, you are babies….and already engaged???? Why?

    Read up on the term “emotional load”, and then read the articles “she divorced me because I left the dishes by the sink” and “you should have asked”.

    Furthermore, stop using the term “helping”. Your SO is an adult, doing chores is a normal part of adulthood. This is his house too.

    I said in the previous 2 conversations and he got defensive saying he couldn't remember.

    He simply doesn't want to remember. He can set alarms or develop other strategies to not forget. However, I assume he doesn't have similar issues at work, at school, or when he plans stuff with friends.

  7. We did make up after the argument tho, when I saw him on Sunday we were affectionate towards eachother

  8. You both already know you are going to get a second cat, so that isn't a surprise.

    Trying to make this into a “surprise” event (going to a shelter) is not a good plan.

    It's also better if the new pet isn't part of a birthday or holiday celebration. The new pet should be the sole focus of the day.

    Bringing a new pet onto the home requires some advance discussion and planning and shopping, to make the transition easier for the new cat and easier for the old cat. You and she need to have a plan about introducing them to each other. Buying and setting up feeding areas, litterboxes, etc. Arranging a visit to the vet, if necessary. Collar, toys, cat bed.

    I think the planning and anticipation should be something the two of you share.

  9. Totally depends on the first proposal. The ring was nice, but it was done in a way that both agree wasn't worthy of the question being asked, then it makes sense to redo it.

    We don't know how he asked the first time, but if you are asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you, then it should be asked in a way that is different than “hey do you want Chinese for dinner?”. It is an incredibly sweet desire that he wants to ask again. It is a big deal to ask someone to make this commitment and it should be treated as such

  10. Sadly it seems like he's done a pretty decent job trapping her already:

    He got her pregnant at a young age possibly before she got any kind of degree. He makes her pay for almost anything including stuff like groceries and stuff for the kid that should be joint expenses. She doesn't have any money to spare or any kind of savings. They moved far away from her family and friends.

    Let's hope that she finds the courage to reach out to her family who seems to worry about her situation.I bet they would love to help her get away and back on her feet.

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