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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. Facts people do dumb as shit and circle back all the time. Just make sure the doors closed when they come knocking

  2. In most relationships, esp early on, the woman has more experience than the man. I understand the curiosity bc it's natural. However, I'd advise against knowing the details. What matters is whether or not she's been thru enough trauma to negatively impact your relationship.

  3. I think it’s time to get yourself into therapy, and work on rebuilding your self esteem & self worth.

    Though I agree with your BF to a point (I agree that just because you are in love with someone, it doesn’t stop physical attraction to someone else), he is wrong to weaponise that against you & use it to torment you, and try to force you to accept a relationship where he gets multiple partners, and you have to be monogamous. That’s where he is an AH, and you deserve better.

    He is playing jump rope with the line between a run of the mill asshole, and an outright abusive one. Therapy can help you to process what you have been through, and come out on the other side stronger.

    Personally, I also encourage people to take a little more time to understand how the brain works when it comes to attraction. It has helped me immensely with similar struggles. Just because you are in love with someone, it doesn’t mean you suddenly become blind to all others, forever. There will come a time when you develop a little crush on someone else. It is natural, and it will pass. What is more important, is whether or not you act on that attraction. To tie your self worth and self esteem to a basic biological response is not healthy. Once I accepted that, my self esteem improved greatly. My partner can think someone else is naked. It doesn’t lessen how he feels about me, or mean I am any less attractive in his eyes. 10 years ago that kind of thing would have ruined me. Now, I don’t care. It’s taken time & it’s work. But for the peace of mind I have? Worth it.

  4. I’m very confused because this is like a dream. Maybe she’s suffering from PPD? Because I’m confused about what she does if she has all this help and you do what seems like more than half the home duties on top of working full time out of the house. Maybe she feels she’s lost who she is and can only identify as a mom. Do you two still do date nights? Maybe send her out if the house on a regular basis for something she enjoys like a workout class, the gym, or a mani pedi. She has the support to still be herself, she just had to actually let go and do it.

  5. Sounds to me like she’s ill. Her description of depression is very like my experience. OP is there a mental health helpline you can call for advice?

  6. I see where you're coming from. I've never had, nor wanted children and reading of so many cases like this on Reddit has made me even more entrenched in my views. It's just too much of a gamble.

  7. That is HIS story.

    Why do you think he told you so?

    To stop you from going.

    They are so cunning.

    And so much alike!

    Put all the evidence you have together. Do take photos of all the messages and pictures.

    Put them away for the time being.

    Then in two or 3 month… let his wife have a nice parcel. “For her hands only”.

    “Vengeance is a plate best eaten cold” they say.

  8. Have to be careful of photographers. They take instruction from them. Build relationships through shoots. Are often touched to be posed. Are pushed to do more. Many times indiscretions are caught on film, which can lead to future blackmail.

  9. Health nuts don't “cut out soft drinks” … they never had them in the first place.

    It's possible he means she's becoming one, in an effort to lose weight (and good for her if she is) but yeah, no health nut drinks soda, lol. It's basically pure sugar in a can.

  10. Not sure why this changes anything, but you can view it how you want.

    If it helps you, not only am I saying this but our parents, his friends, and even his coworkers all think the same and trying to tell him this relationship is not okay or normal how he’s treated. He’s asked advice and vented to a lot of people

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