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  1. The fuck? You notify authorities, get a restraining order and block him wtf? He THREATENED. To KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    He said he was capable of murder and wouldn’t care. Dude.

  2. Yeah, if she actually had a problem with it, but did it really seem like such a problem when he was still taking care of the financial responsibilities? Or is it now only a problem in retrospect, after he built things up, became wealthy over a period of a few years, now that they're married, and she can take half?

  3. She is really a black sheep among her family. Almost nobody in her family has graduated from college and her Dad is a convict. I think going to college was the only goal in her mind and she killed that but once that was done she kind of ran out of steam. That’s really my only guess to what’s going on. I’ve asked her before but things are tense

  4. You both need to work on yourselves and quit the alcohol and weed asap. That is a double dose depressant and brings out toxic and insecure behavior in both of you. Go to some addiction counseling and better if couples counseling Is included. There are some serious trust and respect issues and a lack of fondness for one another.

  5. Yeahhhhh you don’t hide being married unless you were an a-shole and did so much awful stuff.

    People hide their past like that when they are the ones who f-cked up!

  6. You made a series of poor choices that pretty much made getting back together impossible. You don’t make amends with someone by throwing them a surprise party. You then tried to force him to go. He didn’t. Damage starting. You then tried again and he went to the party things are obviously awkward. He starts to leave and your clown of an uncle decides to involve himself.

    Really the damage was done the moment your uncles decided to play hero and call him a snowflake. Even that tho you could’ve saved things by speaking up but then this here is the crazy part that I don’t get you decided not to go with him to the hotel. Like bruh. He isn’t violent just angry his girl let him down

    You decided you know what would make this better is if stay with my asshole uncle. Sounds like he made up his mind and imo way to late I would’ve left you after you annoyed the hell out of me to go to the party.

    Learn from this and grow as a person then find another relationship. Talk with your uncle about never involving himself in your relationships unless you ask or you’re in danger.

  7. Lawyer ASAP.

    Explain the WHOLE situation, including the distribution of pornography for financial gain without your consent.

  8. I own the house, and we were planning on separating before this with him leaving next week for us to have time apart, but we've been going on dates and I've been saying how I hope we get back together and such.

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