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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Because I had self-worth issues and some of my exes were selfish like this. I’m the nice person who always puts others first and I think he just got used to it. 🙁

  2. Every time you feel the jealousy which makes you a bad friend, reach out to this woman who lost her mum with kindness, like a good friend. She had to lose her mum, man, geez.

  3. Change the conversation then. You want him to stop with the gross talk. Tell him what you want to hear, then tell him what you want him to do.

  4. You could be right, but I don't think you're going to re-educate her easily. My worry would be that when serious things happen, you'll feel like you're shouldering all the responsibility rather than working as a team.

  5. Yeah, I'm not gonna even try and convince him otherwise, or get through it like I did last time. That was a nightmare and did so much damage to me. I guess when he gets back I'll try and talk to him, to determine if this is over. I'm so sad about this. We were doing so good.

  6. Thank you, I'm pleased that it's not all doom and gloom for me and my relationship. He is very respectful of boundaries and great at emotionally intelligent conversations and insights, so I really hope we can work this out. I have to make sure I do stay rational and logical throughout this, I can feel frustration creeping up on me though so I have to keep that in check!!


  7. you’re right, about the jump to therapy part

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this back n forth and feel I learned something from it, thank you very much

  8. Having a lack of empathy doesn't equate to having a lack of feelings,

    Ok but psychopathy does correlate to lack of feelings, or rather they have surface level feelings but lack the ability to feel deeply and properly. I get you are trying to be understanding of a mental health problem, but this is one diagnosis that you can't wrap your head around. They're unpredictable and dangerous even for psychological professionals.

  9. he was a big part of your life- it’s totally fine to miss him. you aren’t a fool for that. that’s normal.

    also, someone once told me- you have to mourn after a relationship. even if you planned to breakup for a while, and thought you mourned it before the breakup and worked through it – mourning after is necessary and totally normal. you aren’t missing the person who hurt you, you are missing the person you fell for and what could have been and the life you had together. it would be weird if you didn’t care at all

  10. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with it then it’s your job to tell her to stop. Kind of sounds like you’re more or less encouraging the behaviour at this point by not already telling her to. I usually encourage people to let the person’s significant other know what kind of a piece of shit they’re dating but I feel like you’re not the type to be that honourable if you’re even questioning “do I tell her to stop?”. What’d you think our response was going to be? “Nah bro, get more pictures of those post partum titties!”

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