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  1. (I am a man). Yeah I am totally on board with this. Break up with that’s just nasty. Three days plus+. Wtf. If I were I would have dumped his ass the first time. I can’t stand people’s body odor. It’s just nasty. Showering and cleaning and washing your hands are just basic hygiene tasks. In my case I shower every day. I just cant function without showering every day.

    I was a supervisor on a project team a few years and we had this issue with this guy. I pulled him aside told him as nice as I could that his hygiene was disturbing some people on the team. He didn’t like the response and and asked who was complaining. I didn’t want to tell him who it was. But other people weren’t happy. But luckily he was receptive and did make some positive changes. His job was on the line so he had no choice.

  2. I'm sorry I can't with this. You haven't had a chance to, but other people haven't had a problem sleeping with her. AND SHES PREGNANT?!?! And you love her so much and want things to go back to the way they were? Come on man.

  3. This is terrible advice. It's one thing to be sick and to be seeking treatment. It's another to be sick and to refuse to do anything about it. She is not obligated to stick around for more of his abuse.

  4. I mean you told him how you feel he said meh so time to call his bluff, move on… but then he will love you so much and not want to loose you and have a million excuse or agree so be prepared, I wouldn't play this card unless your serious, but I also wouldn't bother giving him another chance. I'm 20 yrs into my relationship and don't have these problems, we have problems don't get me wrong, we all do, but not these problems its still too soon for him to be this distant unless something concrete that will end is causing it, he won't change, the guy from before, the one you fell in love with, was a fake, this is the real him, he is just comfortable enough to show you now.

  5. That last line “it just made being honest with myself and her that much worse” sounds like you already get it and know what to do and why it’s so difficult to do. Doing it is the naked part. Im not saying that cause I’m “so smart” I’m just saying it because I’ve been there myself. And it’s an awful feeling to have. But hey, at least you’ll be on your way to feeling better instead of being stuck in hellish relationship oblivion. Well, and to be honest this is the kind of stuff that grows you into the person you wanna be. Fucked up innit? Gotta go through the shit to go where you wanna go. Wish you the best and good luck with it. This is nude stuff.

  6. Thanks, unfortunately he told me he got it on Facebook marketplace so it actually isn't returnable. But you're right, I need to do it very soon

  7. Most toxic people don't know they are toxic, so I suspect you are just looking back with rose tinted glasses tbh. I'd let it go personally.

  8. Extra work just happens to occur on sex days. Hmmm if a girl really wants to see you, she'd ask you sometimes too. Wait & see

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  10. Hmm I don’t think it takes that much time just to text sth like ‘hey Imma just be busy today’ or ‘Ill come home late.’ I am not asking about constant texts or reply. Cos if I’m gonna be out late or sth, I will just text him so that he doesn’t need to worry or anything. And I just think it’s good to have a better communication if you and your partner are not together. It’s not like we become strangers just because we are apart and not communicate

  11. I’m guessing the friend got into her head for some reason (most likely sabotage) and you have made the right choice your friend (because you should still be her friend) has to learn who to trust and what pushes people away

  12. If you are committed to a relationship you don’t omit- “I will leave you if you do this”.

    I would consider my relationship over the moment this question was asked. She's still going to that conference and he's still going to be wondering if she's sleeping with someone else. I'd also be wondering if she already had someone in mind, considering that she specifically asked before this event. This question would kill the trust in my relationship and if there's no trust, there's no relationship.

  13. I’m not OP hahaha

    But he said he met her before at her dads workplace party once. And I’m assuming she was even younger because he said he worked with the dad years ago.

  14. Definitely not fake, and I have definitely had the same fear as you. But I told him if the therapist is a sexist boomer (no offense to boomers) then I will stop going and find another one. And I said we can keep looking for new therapists until we BOTH agree on one, and he agreed

  15. Keep in mind…. he might not be able to come to Europe at all. His passport is rather weak and him being a male student doesn't help.

    Closing the gap without marriage will be nearly impossible unless you move to a country he can actually live in…

    Also, talking on-line for 1+ yeatr can be tricky. You get attached and you never really know if you are compatible.

  16. He was 14 when they separated, so underage but very much able to understand the devastation and to refuse to APs new best friend.

    As I have said elsewhere, I hope OP never upsets dad, stepmum or siblings because you can bet that he is not seen as a core member of the family and will be disowned quick in the event of a fallout.

  17. You don’t owe her an apology since you two are just “friends”. She wanted all the benefits of relationship without the commitment.

    But even in a “friends with benefits” situation, her trying to hook up with other guys in front of you is trashy as hell.

    Just leave her. Send a message you have not desire to continue a fwb relationship or any relationship with her.

  18. Best thing you can do is block him. People like him only want to garner emotional reactions from people they torture. If you get mad at him he’ll just stop responding and feel satisfied that he’s still able to push your buttons. Block him and it’ll feel great.

  19. My best friend as a child got accused of smoking because her mom and grandma smoked in the house and in the car with them. My friend didn’t and has never smoked. But the smell was so strong it smelled like she did. It sticks to people who don’t even smoke. I was outside with a friend who was smoking a cigarette and when I got home, my clothes and hair smelled like cigarettes despite us being outside and being a few feet apart. The way the smell sticks is crazy.

  20. Wtf is going on in this comment section? Maniacs saying unwanted hugs from your partner are sexual assault, everyone ragging on OP like the hug was worse than physical violence. Reddit is fucking weird

    We only have your interpretation to go on, and from that, yes this is a red flag. If it had never happened before, then it could be a one time thing, maybe you were extra annoying. If it has happened before or again, then you cut your losses and get out

  21. This is his own issue to work through and trying to control your behavior as a way to manage his anxiety isn't appropriate. It would be one thing to ask for an occasional check-in/update to reassure him that you're safe etc, but getting upset at you for doing completely normal and healthy activities is unreasonable. Sounds like he needs some therapy.

  22. I understand your concern, but he lives with his mother and she can look out for him. You are not his mother or his care taker. You need to take care of you right now. He's an adult and needs to care for himself. Anything he does is NOT your fault.

  23. He lives with your mom too and isn't doing shit. I can almost get struggling to find a job, but in leui of having one, he should be helping with housework and other things. And at his big age, temper tantrums and pouting are inexcusable.

    To the curb with him!

  24. Agree with everything you said. When we talked, he literally told me that it was some kind of good deed he was doing to show his loyalty to his fellow coworkers on top of not even caring when I told him that I was hurt when he said his work life didn't involve me and comparing our relationship to that of manager/coworker

  25. Listen, we all have a crush on your manager. Treat this like any another crush. Accept it for what it is (and isn't), enjoy it when you can, and let it go. It isn't a terrible idea to find a different job if you're having trouble.

  26. Now he's mad saying that I took his d!ck away and that I'm too controlling and told me that l'm probably a lesbian because I want a feminine partner who l can control.

    He's being stupid and unreasonable. Literally what he says makes zero sense.

    Other then the stupid correlation between being a lesbian and wating do to manual labor (i like women and suck at it, so you can assure him that there is no correlation lol) this thing he says hides a LOT of insicurities. He probabily think he's “not men enough” or some stuff like that.

    I think that if this is the first time that he says something like that, mayne try and explain to him that he's being kinda immature? If it's a thing you have already done then it's your call whether you want to be with someone that thinks that or not

  27. I don't want to be single again and I don't want to lose my boyfriend at all☹️ we have communication in our relationship ? I'm just ready to move forward and move out of my current residence but I can't because it's sooooo expensive to live on my own it sucks☹️

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