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  1. You should also tell your GF about this You are lying to her at this point She clearly knows something is up and you keep lying to her. That's called manipulation and gaslighting. And that shit can really fuck up a person's sanity and even traumatize people.

    It happens people get crushes in a relationship, but what matters is how you deal with the crush. You've purposely entertained it, flirted with this chick and touched her in non-platonic ways. And that chick knows you have a GF yet flirts hardcore with you? And then she claims she would never cheat? She clearly has 0 respect for your relationship or your GF, she'd definitely be a hoe for the streets doing this type of crap. I was in love with my best friend but he started dating someone. DId I keep flirting hardcore with him? No, I respect him and his relationship too much and I kept my distance and only interacted platonically with him. This chick clearly gives no fuck about that.

    Tell your GF what's going on, it could actually help to figure out what to do about the situation. Your friend is like others here said, a shiny new toy. When you first met your GF, weren't you obsessed and infatuated with her too? Do not throw away 5 years of love for a moment of lust and intense feelings of a crush. If your friend is willing to MAKE you cheat, trust me she would also have no problems cheating on YOU if you'd somehow end up with her. Women like that don't give a fuck about anyone's boundaries including yours.

  2. Look at it this way – you're clearly not compatible, and if you've been making her feel bad since your THIRD DATE then idk why she'd want to stay with you, either.

    Like no cap sometimes people can overcome a lot as a couple, but there's zero upside to staying together at this point if you feel unheard and she's unhappy.

  3. So you want to be a non producing partner? What benefits will he get? How do you plan on selling this to him?

    This would be a hot line for me. Both me and my wife work we both make enough that one of us could stay home with the KIDS, but we don't our equal partnership lead us to try and make more and get ourselves in great shape for when the kids need post secondary schooling.

    You should want to be equals not a cut above or they will start to resent you, it may happen slowly but it'll happen.

    Also your kind of entitled, I want spa days two trips a year and not to work. Lady we all do.

  4. You are still the side piece! You are a grown ass women and deserve better then this! Pack you stuff while he is at dinner with his girlfriend! Stop acting clueless you know this is not right!

    I would rather adjust my life to your absence then to adjust my boundaries to accommodate your disrespect

  5. Are you guys in North Carolina? It's one of the few states that requires living separately for a year to grant divorce. However, the law allows occasional sexual relations as long as they don't live together again.

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