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Date: September 22, 2022
Actors: Saphiyraamore

13 thoughts on “HornyNalia

  1. Most likely. He doesn’t do much other than 1-2 extracurriculars and average student. It’s a bit nude because when I was strict, we had to go to the ER because they had suicidal ideations. He does have friends and is relatively sociable. Then, I became more relaxed and tried to give more advice and reminders, and also hired tutors. They aren’t failing, but not great. We used to have a therapist, but my child wasn’t receptive to it since they felt everything the therapist says or asks they already know. Therapist also never diagnosed them with anything nor suggested to.

  2. Honestly, if you’re not exclusive you should not stop using a condom.

    Do you feel ready to have the exclusivity talk with this guy yet?

  3. Oh yeah no for sure we don't let it sit either I was just giving an example of how it can be normal for it to clog that often.

  4. Many people (in the us) don’t have bidets so showers tend to be the easiest way to externally rinse. Doesn’t matter if you use a shower, bidet, or wipes, it’s good practice to freshen up externally before oral. Not everyone does that so it’s worth mentioning.

  5. Well, I hope you have direct access to all her devices so you can check out what she's been up to. Deflection is a real thing and in my experience, it was exactly what was happening when it came out of nowhere like this.

  6. Let her know that you own her lips and her nudity. Or, perhaps just believe her. Tons of parents kiss their kids on the mouth, and while I wasn’t one of those parents I managed to not accuse any of them of being perverts!!

  7. I feel that there may be a wall to generic conversation here.

    This is a part of relationships. Talking about your day, is a conversation starter.

    Some days, you will have little to share. Other days, you will have a lot.

    However, to view it as a negative thing to do will only put up a wall in your relationship. Most people want the updates.

    It is a disappointing thing when you're excited to see your partner and it just goes:

    How was your day!?


    That's good, did anything happen that made you happy?


    Okay… well, did anything happen that bothered you?


    Alright… What did you do at work?


    If you cannot connect over how your day went, you need to find other means to bridge the gap.

    However, I am not a fan of testing your partner. But to me, it sounds like you could step up a little more.

    I get that it may not be your cup of tea, although, it is your GFs cup of tea… and in relationships, we put the other before ourselves and try to tune to what they need as well.

    If its important to her, you should be taking that into consideration. Otherwise things will likely fall apart long term and she'll find someone more in tune with her own needs.

  8. Did you know that men are more likely to divorce their wife when the wife become seriously sick or disabled, whereas women are less likely to leave their husband when the husband becomes sick or disabled? You might want to seriously think about which side of the statistic you are on.

    You’ve given up A LOT to become his full time care giver. Maybe you should think about whether you really envision doing this for the rest of your life.

  9. The romanticism of this whole predatory story just reminds me of that Mary Kay Letourneau case from back in the day.

  10. okay im glad im not the only one who thought this is so strange! im super reluctant to even having him meet my friend, I want to disinvite him not but worried he might have bought his ticket already

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