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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Her lover forced her to come clean, that shows you everything you need to know. Her crocodile tears didn't stop her from having an affair, or seeing this guy multiple times. She's just sad about you finding out, and how it's changing things.

    Whether you leave or stay you need to cancel the engagement and marriage. Reconciliation wouldn't be the choice I make, but if you do, it takes 3-5 years or work. That's years spent on rebuilding the relationship and trust. Marriage is about taking the next step, and your clearly not there. Reconcile if you must, but do so knowing that marriage shouldn't be on the table for years to come.

  2. Hmmm… I wonder what he wants from their friendship. Most people have friends with similar interests or with people who are at similar stages in life. I get being open and welcoming and I bet that's why you fell in love with him, but I'd be suspicious of it, too. Has he mentioned why he's going for the younger ladies?

  3. I think so, I mean I already do double sessions weekly and for the past 6-8 weeks it's been exclusively around this issue. But my therapist has so far just asked questions, in their defense my therapist has helped me connect a lot of dots (like maybe I'm projecting my own desire for variety, which I think is only very slightly true, because deep down I know if this relationship ends I'll regress to celibacy again, etc) but it's been agonisingly slow progress. Maybe I should try another therapist, I think the cost of getting them up to speed is the real issue there. I will say this has become enough of an issue that some nights I just cry in bed quietly, especially after a particularly great day spent with my partner.

    I was hoping maybe someone has been through this and the fear just 'goes away' after enough time.

  4. Your best friend invited the person who got you divorced to their wedding? You need a new friend group.

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