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Date: October 1, 2022

10 thoughts on “Hilary Tyler on-line webcams for YOU!

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  2. Yes I think individual therapy and couples therapy is the key to identifying what is eating at you and how to understand yourself, understand your partner and be able to communicate effectively. Psychologytoday.com has profiles of therapists in your area so you can find one that sounds good to you.

  3. A metric shitload of baggage and insecurity, apparently. Take the L and sit the rest of this one out, champ.

  4. If you are worried about her temper , then move on.

    Why live in a state of tension , with a person who can’t control their emotions?

    It doesn’t matter how good the good times are, it’s how bad the bad time are.

  5. I read it the same way.

    I also find it odd that after 10 years, you aren't living together. Has that topic come up, has either of you expressed a desire to live together?

    If you want to see her more, for god sake make plans with her, or you are just cruising along into oblivion.

    Yes you only have your mum, but do you have a plan to leave, mile stones?

    You can't complain your GF isn't making you a priority when you don't sound like you even go to see her reguarly

  6. Girl, I really hope one day you can look back and see what a MASSIVE bullet you dodged by not staying with this person.

  7. I'm tired constantly, work 3 jobs, worried about money consistently, I'm on several different medications (wellbutrin, fluoxetine, and an iv medication done every 6 weeks).

    Sex issues aside, do you think you are in a good place to date right now? I got overwhelmed just reading that sentence. You are clearly attributing your relationship issues (intimacy issues) to the fact that your life is currently chaotic and you not being on top of things. Building a new relationship requires time, effort, commitment, availability – emotional and otherwise, vulnerability, intimacy. You just don't seem to be in the right place to invest all this, if you do have any additional energy and headspace, you should invest it in getting on top of your workload, stress levels and health routines, before you involve managing another person's expectations and relationship.

  8. Well, thatll be hot to do when hes unemployed.

    And think about pressing charges for the blackmail. It is illegal to blackmail someone

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