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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. No, you're fine. I'm still learning how not to be so naive and taken advantage of. It's been taking me years to try to rebuild my self esteem so I tend to be manipulated easily..I can see how the question sounds pretty silly lol

  2. Yah absolutely I do. One glass of wine or one beer takes the edge off makes me feel a little looser. Taking 5-6 shots of vodka would have me black out and belligerent.

  3. Was she raped? I mean, was she so drunk that she couldn't say no, or was she a bit tipsy and thought she'd really want to fuck him? I wouldn't be able to forgive her. But you know yourself better. Can you ever trust her again?

  4. This. Everyone is entitled to a happy life and responsible for the decisions that get them that. Respectful honesty is always the way to go.

  5. Only a handful of states recognize common law. Canada also only recognizes common law marriages in certain situations. 99.9% of the world doesn’t recognize it.

  6. Bad enough she cheated on you, but that she raw dogged it with the guy shows she has zero respect for you.


  7. Talk to her about it. And know if this is a dealbreaker for you, it is ok. Some will shame you for it, but there's nothing wrong with having this as a dealbreaker if you can't imagine never having a BJ again in your life.

  8. OP honest question. Are you having sex to just get yourself off or are you actually trying to make love. Is your goal your own satisfaction or is your love making goal to ensure your gf has the most pleasant experience possible?

  9. You read about a closeted gay man who’s somehow found a woman that’ll stick around for 6 years without sticking it in her.

  10. OP's ex is not the sharpest crayon in the box there.

    This. As much as it sucks for him I think he’s going to eventually be able to realize this is the case and he’s better off not with someone who allows herself to be emotionally manipulated like this. With all the crazy QAnon and similar/antivax crap going on all over who’s to say she wouldn’t have ended up like that.

    Best to find shit like this out sooner rather than later, even if it almost breaks you for awhile.

  11. It’s not a good relationship for him if his needs aren’t met. You’re being incredibly selfish. Honestly, you need to be matter of fact about it. This is what I want, if you can’t handle a year then I understand. I’m shocked you’re more worried he’ll be offended as to why when your ask is pretty much a guaranteed unreasonable request to a partner.

  12. Now he started flat-out blaming me for the change in our relationship

    Your relationship changed when your husband and best friend came to you asking for permission to fuck each other.

    please nothing about divorce because I don't want that and neither does my husband.

    Why not? Your husband wants to fuck other people and you can't even look him in the eyes. If not for yourself, you should want a divorce for your children's sake because you're showing them that this shitshow that is your relationship is what they can and should accept from their partners in the future.

  13. At first, it was fine. She like it and she was happy. I thought maybe she would want to do some of mine. But she usually Said no. I feel weird complimenting her lately or showing affection toward her because I don't want to encourage her to continue the way she is acting.

  14. Cheating isn't uncommon, getting pregnant isn't always hot, people are horrible.

    Yeah reddit checks out.

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