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  1. I personally think it's a red flag. My view is that the social obligation that a lot of people have that men should pay makes no sense.

    It's 2022. Women and men are equal. We all have jobs and money. There's no rational reason to expect men to pay for dates.

    I am not saying guys should never pay for a meal or drinks by the way. But it shouldn't be an expectation. That expectation that some women have always made me feel gross, like the date is transactional and I'm buying their time and attention. Massive turn off.

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  4. Break up with her. Chances are she knows what she’s doing. Worst case she’s just ignorant of the issue, and chances are you voicing your thoughts won’t change anything. Just end it with her and move on. Differences in libido often are irreconcilable

  5. I and most people I know go out weekly and we are all adults with jobs and many of us have an SO.

    More importantly though the OP does not say he was still going out weekly after they got married and had kids. So you don't even know that was happening. In fact, OP saying that he didn't go out as much as he would've liked to tells me that the frequency went down. He would have to confirm that though.

  6. Gonna be honest. She's going to find out, and you're more likely to not break up if you come clean. However, I wouldn't stay with someone that lied directly to my face. Most others wouldn't either.

    Maybe she'll be OK with it. Maybe she won't.

    Lying on your profile just sounds like you want to trick young women into a relationship they otherwise wouldn't agree to. That's pretty bad. Keeping up the lie for months just shows her that you can lie directly to her face for extended periods. She will wonder what else you might he lying about.

  7. Because couples therapy should fix the manipulation and weird fetish of a guy whos jerking it to his gf/baby mamma mom.

    Spoiler: It doesnt.

  8. Yeah I agree sex is more then just getting off. What confuses me is that for months he had come from penetration only…and for a couple of weeks pretty much out of the blue he hasn’t been able to. Thank you for you feedback tho!

  9. She spent your families money getting railed for two weeks and your on Reddit talking about you love her? These threads are for people trying to make a choice not for you to read them and then go back to her anyways. Get a grip on reality bro.

  10. As someone has already mentioned, deleting texts would free up MINIMAL space. She is hiding something big with this guy… Sorry to say it but I think she's cheating on you.

  11. It’s not too early for a 25yo to move abroad BUT only if you feel ready. And you don’t. Your boyfriend mentioned he wants you to take your time and feel comfortable, maybe you could just tell him you miss him and you were too hasty but you think you’re not ready to move to the US with him yet.

  12. I don't believe he is assuming you're wrong. I think he's assuming he can mess with your head by pretending like he believes that you're wrong. Both if the worst gaslighters/emotional abusers I ever knew used “I'm not perfect” as a defense and had many other people convinced that they were wonderful people.

    If you're not ready to consider that, I would turn it back on him a bit. Act like you really believe that he's incapable of remembering the very simple fact that accents exist. Repeat it all slow and overly sympathetic. Pat his hand or his cheek kindly. If he dares to correct you in front of people, “yes, and” that sucker. “He's such a wonderful person, but he gets so confused by my accent! Why, the other day he was completely flummoxed when I said aluminum, isn't that adorable?” I bet he'll stop “forgetting” right quick.

  13. Yeah, I understand. I guess she'll reach out if she needs to talk. I hear that. Although I swear my instincts are wired incorrectly sometimes. Haha.

    Thank you, and I'm rooting for you too. It's really becoming harder and harder to find people to not waste your time and energy on.

  14. She's right here and can answer your questions…

    I didn't push having a baby on him. It was as much of a surprise to me as it was him.

    He slept in the same bed with me after we had our son, but stopped after we moved into a house with extra rooms.

    We have sex a lot more often than we sleep in the same bed. He's not opposed to sex, just sharing a bed.

  15. Have you actually told him this? Many men in America think that women dream of their wedding day and that the planning is something they do with their maid of honor. I’m not saying that is right but perhaps telling him you want him to be more assertive and involved in the planning will make him more aware.

  16. Trying very hot to victimize the wife who willingly got hard in front of her husband’s friend? Lol?

  17. Everyone is giving good advice good luck. Also notify the HR department of her job that she and a cowor are dating. Torpedo her career

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