Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. You're putting a lot of energy into something when the only energy he's putting into it is trying to hide and deceive you.

    Is this really the person you want to be with and commit all this energy and emotion to?

    Doesn't sound very pleasant.

  2. Does she see that it’s a problem and is she willing to work on it? Will she go to AA or therapy on her own? At the end of the day you can’t try harder if she’s not going to try to remedy her relationship with alcohol. My ex was the same way when he drank. I wish I had left sooner then I did but I was convinced he’d wake up one day and change. If you want to give her another chance to change that’s up to you. If you’re done that’s completely okay too.

  3. What was your plan, exactly? What did you know about the relationship that made you believe you had any ability whatsoever to fix this?

  4. The entitlement is staying somewhere for free and then complaining about one’s hosts. If staying with their parents rent free is ops least bad option, then they should be grateful it’s an option. My opinion is offered free of charge, you (and op) can take it or leave it

  5. Illogical in that he cannot fathom that he was in the wrong. That sort of stuff is indictative of personality disorders such as narcissism or sociopath (whatever the current term for that is).

    I'm not saying he is full on a sociopath, but he isn't “right”. And don't be Mrs. Save a Bad Boy, that life plan has set back plenty of otherwise great women's lives.

  6. How did it even come up? There’s certainly ways to look at this; first, you’re obviously entitled to privacy and if it doesn’t impact her, then you have every right to not want to disclose it. On the other hand, ideally a relationship is open and honest and it you be comfortable telling each other uncomfortable things.

    So I could almost understand her to an extent. That extent is crossed when she calls you controlling which makes no logical sense.

    But context is everything. Can you provide us with more information? How long have you been together? Are you willing to tell us what the personal thing is? Why won’t you tell her? Again to be clear, I’m not suggesting you should. I just want to provide the most pointed advice possible.

  7. And then you followed it up with “No, gender doesn’t matter. You sending thirst traps is the same as me doing it” Right? Riiiiight??? Because if you let the conversation die after she blew it off then that’s on you. You dropped the ball.

    Why is her her jealousy valid but not yours? “Why do we have different boundaries?”

  8. sometimes i laugh at my bf whos from the south (us) for saying things differently but i never tell him hes wrong or make him feel stupid.

  9. I would ask her to make a choice as you won't lie or hide things if – when – the conversation comes up.

    “none of my business” family friend and when he finds out after the fact it'll be your business when he's like “why didn't you tell me?”. He works with your dad and it's not something that you'll be able to ignore if/when shit hits the fan.

    At the very least she needs to keep it away from near you. Not wake you up on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak.

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