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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. You are so absolutely young, and so is she. You shouldn’t have to worry about this right now. She shouldn’t have to worry about this right now. Break up with her, go out and online. Talk to people, listen to people, learn about people and yourself. Find boundaries that resonate with you, and express them to future potential partners before committing to make sure they are compatible.

    Good luck.

  2. It sounds like he doesn't have your things anymore or this would have been resolved a year ago when you two first broke up. He's been actively ignoring and avoiding you and refuses to give you information.

    He doesn't have your things or he has zero intention of ever giving you your things back. He never sent anything off, that's for sure or you would have received it by now.

  3. I say this with kindness: this is a you problem. Changing the style of dance isn't going to make you less insecure, it's just going to manifest somewhere else. This is something she loves doing and doesn't view as sexual, asking her to change her behavior for your insecurities is controlling whether that's your intention or not.

    I recommend finding a hobby of your own to do when she's at her dance class. Focus on things that make you happy rather than limiting the things that make her happy.

  4. I don't believe he is assuming you're wrong. I think he's assuming he can mess with your head by pretending like he believes that you're wrong. Both if the worst gaslighters/emotional abusers I ever knew used “I'm not perfect” as a defense and had many other people convinced that they were wonderful people.

    If you're not ready to consider that, I would turn it back on him a bit. Act like you really believe that he's incapable of remembering the very simple fact that accents exist. Repeat it all slow and overly sympathetic. Pat his hand or his cheek kindly. If he dares to correct you in front of people, “yes, and” that sucker. “He's such a wonderful person, but he gets so confused by my accent! Why, the other day he was completely flummoxed when I said aluminum, isn't that adorable?” I bet he'll stop “forgetting” right quick.

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