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  1. Make sure you have all of the legalities airtight. You don't want to build this adorable family with super supportive girlfriend only to have bio mom pop back in whenever. Hopefully she is terminating her rights?

  2. Both your husband and his ex raised this man and share in the blame of any current issues he has. Your husband and his ex should be the ones to decide what to do about their wayward son. I realize you dont want him to be in the home you share with your husband, but this is his problem to solve, not yours.

    If both parents agreed to let him fend for himself, then they would not be having this conversation.

    But it seems dear dad is willing to buy his way out of the problem by pawning “the kid” off on dear mom. So, like it or not, they are both entangled in the care and feeding of the mess they created.

  3. You know what's a great way to end up breaking up? OP telling himself this is no big deal and letting resentment simmer.

  4. Yikes. He sat there like a coward and allowed his parents to go on a hurtful, homophobic rampage against his sister and didn’t defend her at all or even bother to make sure she was okay afterward. Then he AGREED with them? Would he have allowed them to treat your own kid that way in front of him if one of them came out? This is not someone I would be able to continue a relationship with.

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