Gloria-Light live! sex chats for YOU!


7 thoughts on “Gloria-Light live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. I wouldn't consider it cheating, depending on the conversation. But if your current bf has set that boundary, it would definitely be a violation.

  2. Fiancé. I wouldn’t be so fast to marry her. She’s 10 years older than you for one. You’ve been together less than a year for two. Your sex life is falling apart already for three. She gives you this negative shaming attitude for four.

    Idk man. This just doesn’t seem very promising to me. I am guessing you don’t have much of a dating history? You’re 24 and have a lot of time ahead of you. I would audible out of this situation. My two cents.

  3. F***ed Around and Found Out. She said she wasn't interested and is now facing the consequences of her own actions.

  4. Agreed. While the paternity test is unfair, getting one ASAP would prevent him from jumping to conclusions. It's a short-term sacrifice to prevent a long-term rupture in the marriage.

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