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  1. “I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I don't think we are compatible. I wish you the best of luck. Good bye”

  2. I don’t think you screwed up as everyone else is saying because the way he’s treating this “friendship” and trying to punish you because of it screams that you had every right to be concerned. What a weird guy your bf is, what a very strange person.

  3. I guess the advice im looking for is that i want to know how fucked up the age gap is? Like have other people been in this situation before and has it worked it out? Or do these situations always end badly

  4. Before I say anything, I want to be clear that I’m taking some guesses as to how he is feeling. They may be sexist, misogynistic, untrue, or stupid. I’m not advocating for his viewpoints, only trying to explain them.

    My guess, is that he feels insecure. In his mind, he is a better wrestler than you. He has worked harder, put in more time and effort, and has built his high school identity around the fact that he was the wrestling captain. Every day that he has spent wrestling, was to build up to this one moment. This one event, where he was going to get recognized and validated amongst his peers and coaches that he earned and deserved the pride he had for what he’s accomplished so far. If I’m sure of one thing here, is that he was very much looking forward to this opportunity.

    Then, it all goes south. His “career” is now over. He’s coming to terms with what he may consider being a fraud. How could he be the captain and not even make it to regionals? He’s likely replaying every interaction, every match, every practice, wondering if he was ever even that good, or if he just got lucky this whole time.

    To make matters worse, a total newcomer has surpassed him easily. I know the stakes and challenges are completely different, but it doesn’t matter. You’re getting the special treatment he worked so very hot for. Not only does he have to live with that in the mat, he has to live! with it “at home” with you too. Outside of what you’ve seen, I bet he’s received a few remarks from his buddies about “how did he let you get so much better than him” or “how he should be careful because they bet you could kick his ass”. Again, stupid teenage stuff here, I don’t support these viewpoints.

    His world has collapsed. His identity has been destroyed. His position in his friend circle has changed. His worth to the people he admired (coaches, staff, parents, other teams, etc.) has plummeted.

    In a normal situation, if you were just another competitor, he could work through all of this via anger. He could rationalize that you got lucky, that you had rich parents, something about how your matches were unfair and he got screwed over. Doesn’t matter, but the point is he would have had an outlet.

    Instead, he has to still be happy around you. He still has to impress you. He still has to make you happy. And to be honest, that’s a really, really nude thing to do. No offense, but you kind of ruined his everything. Now, you and I both know YOU didn’t really do it, but you are the person these circumstances gravitated around, so “it’s your fault”. Had you never joined the team, he could have covered this all up with anger and sadness, you could have comforted him, and life would have moved on. Now, he has no one.

    The good news though? Life will still move on. You can still be there for him. I’m a month, he’ll start being “happy” again. In three months, it won’t come up as much anymore. In six months, it’ll be history.

    In the meanwhile, my advice would be space, reassurance, and patience. I will interject one piece of questionable, maybe not very honorable or manly advice: don’t make him “support” you the next few days. I know that sounds horrible, and I feel kinda douchey writing it, but what I mean is: let him dictate how involved he’d like to be at this event. He is going to be sad. He is going to be mad. He is going to feel the guilt, the shame, the embarrassment, and it’s going to come in rough and naked. This is a fresh, wide open wound for him. If he’s willing to come? Great. If he’s willing to say nice things? That’s awesome. But please, if you do anything for the guy, don’t make him be your cheerleader. Don’t make him interact or get involved if he doesn’t want to be. Sounds like you have a great team as-is, let them pick up some slack.

    Caveat: if he turns aggressive or rude to you, screw what I said above, tell him to put his big boy panties on and be a captain. Only you can judge what’s right here.

    Sorry for the rambles, just feel bad for both of you here, and wish you both the best

  5. It seems like you don't care if on your anniversary he packed a couple of sandwiches, and took you to the park and had a picnic.

    You want the gesture. And you have been feeling this whole time like maybe he's just not that kinda person who can plan and save and do things for the people he loves, and then he hits you. He can do those things, but just for himself.

    He yells at you to not buy clothes for your kids, not because they don't need it, but because the $40 could go to a country club he can't really afford.

    Country clubs are expensive coming and going. The Fees are just the start, there are monthly fees, you have to pay for tee times, cart rents, food there is garbage and costs an arm and a leg and there is always a food minimum for the month. Plus you know this is going to be while I need new clubs so I can fit in with my “wealthy” new friends. I need new XYZ so I can fit in….

    I just feel for you. Best of luck. Well if you do get divorced, he will have to cancel his CC membership because if he can BARELY afford it now, how will he be able to pay child support and take the kids every other weekend and pay those fees?

  6. The technical definition is, in fact, referring to very different things. There is a whole host of actions that constitute sexual assault that are not rape, so yes, they are functionally and technically different things when referred to in this context.

    Murder is a form of assault but you wouldn't be charging a murderer for assault instead of murder, would you?

  7. Now you know where you stand. Time to reevaluate and pick you. She clearly doesn’t feel the same way about you. That’s good information for you to know who to prioritize in your life.

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