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Date: September 24, 2022

12 thoughts on “Gigi Atlanta

  1. Why would she be leaving the door open to meet someone else? That’s weird. I’d admit to the test but break up asap. It’s like she’s waiting for someone better to come. Essentially “wants her cake and eat it too”

  2. Maybe you should give the talking a rest for a change. If all you do is fight when you talk then sometimes a little silence will reduce the fighting and give you a chance.

  3. You say that, but part of this process is figuring out a social support network because I guarantee you, you will want to break down and answer her at some point and probably a point much sooner than you would like to think. Have people you can text/call/dm. Social network support groups are great as well. I used one on FB. Make a post about you're thinking about picking up the phone if you must and people will rush in to support you.

    The other thing is keep busy. This is the time to volunteer, start a new hobby, tell your friends you are down for any and every event. I did this and man I did so much great stuff-volunteering at art shows, learning embroidery and ballroom dance, travel-and extra bonus points if it's something she would never let you do. But honestly it was my friends and my therapist who got me through the worst of it.

  4. Couples therapy. He needs to realize he’s self destructing his family and future. You also need to find de-radicalization groups for help.

  5. Not only that he was married, henlied about the way the relationship ended , there is a huge difference between being amicable because they had different point of view in life and dump her because she was sick.

    If he can hide something like this, what else he could be hiding?

  6. Exactly! I got ripped to shreds for asking how to present the gift to my husband (he loved them), because I should have let my husband know I was doing it.

    This woman thought she was helping a “friend” out with business, because he was a professional. I have an issue with the “friend” here doing more hot photos and under the circumstances those were taken. Did he tell her upfront what the poses were going to be? Was she intoxicated? If she knew up front…totally professional setting. If he got her drunk then started going racier and racier HUGE issue and ya'all should be pressing charges.

  7. Stop trying to explain it to him. Break up with him and block him. He’s literally an idiot and he’s hurting you

  8. I meannnnn it's you, whether or not that's actually fair

    He senses you're not into it, and it's very difficult for that to not come off as some flavor of disdain for him/his friends/his nights out

    Yeah I definitely can look outwardly like I’m having a miserable time, and I can do better in that regard. I didn’t think about how that might come off.

    I really appreciate the insights. You’ve given me a lot to discuss and do. I definitely worry this is a deal-breaker for him, but we’ll have to see.

    Thank you!

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