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  1. My friend… You've been played. No, seriously, she not only played you but is now gas lighting you. You've been tricked. No one trustworthy does this to someone they claim they love.

    Someone that is going to foster true love and trust doe so with true acts of honesty. She has done the exact opposite.

    I'd leave bro bro… Tell her thank you for the memories and the lessons. That today you're a more understanding person thanks to her. But you're on to next part of your journey and while you don't exactly know what lies ahead you do know that it doesn't involve her.

    The best of luck!

  2. This reads like a rudimentary bot was trying to make the word count requirements for an essay while it were having a stroke.

  3. Your parents are just as bad as your sisters. The one that never talks well about anyone learned it somewhere, ya know. Your parents suck just as much.

  4. How long you guys have been open for? Have you guys been communicating when you guys did sleep with other people?

    Not everyone realizes what they're asking for until reality hits.

    My SO asked this of me a while back and I was painfully reluctant and she was insistent. I felt I deserved to to go first in any step because I was the one hurting and she was the one with an active crush. Sadly boundaries weren't met yet the moment I did something with another girl my SO broke down.

    I don't know how badly he forced this on you so I don't know if you telling him he can keep sleeping with other women is really meant to be a comforting solution/compromise or making him bite the reality he put on you.

  5. Reassure her you’re there for her if she needs you, then give her the space she needs. Maybe she is thinking of ending it, but if you try to smother her when she’s asking for space, she definitely will.

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