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48 thoughts on “fuckbate2015live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Such a strange thing to ignore someone over or get angry over. Unless you did it on purpose and it wasn't the first time. That's the only way her reaction is rational.

    Otherwise this is just funny. Accidents happen. That's life, can't get angry over such little things.

  2. I don’t want to be rude and I am kind of biting my lip over here and trying not to say this friend is either mentally unstable, narcissistic, or utterly full of shit and you seem like a great, nice person who really deserves an upgrade in best friends. At the very least she’s incapable of being a friend. This is not what friends do. Also normal people don‘t miss their best friend’s wedding because they can’t bear to see the guy they dated years ago and text with constantly. We can take a poll here. I have a feeling fellow ladies are going to call BS on your “friend” and her shenanigans. ?

  3. This is gonna sound really rude, but I'm only saying this in this manner because I think you need a wake-up call:


  4. You are not happy with how you are being treated, you make a suggestion to fix it and get dismissed

    You willing to end the relationship? If so make it a hill to die on, we go and try and make it better or we are done. Do NOT make this ultimatum unless you are willing to carry it out.

  5. Trust is earned. How many times have we heard parents teach their kids this?

    Your husband betrayed your trust. He has to earn it.

    It shouldn't be you doing the heavy lifting, it should be him

  6. Hey dude. You're young. Youl figure it out. One thing to think about when you're with a woman, is that they all want different things. It soundsike this particular woman wants to feel seen and connected to you and embraced.

    Don't beat yourself up. If you can, try to check in with her during sex so you can get a sense of what she's feeling and what she might need in the moment.

    And, just like she said, BE in the moment with her . She might have anxiety. So yeah .

    It's not your fault, you're both just young and figuring it out what you want.

  7. Stop playing games and be upfront.

    You're testing if she is the one.

    Thats wrong.

    You test if you're right for each-other.

    You invaded her privacy and found something you didn't like.

    Instead of being real, you played a game to beat around the bush, using a meme to have a serious conversation.

    Does that sound like someone who is ready to meet their one? No.

    You need to be capable of admitting you invaded privacy and discuss this openly. Don't use games as a form of communication.

    That alone shows you're not ready to be 'the one' for someone.

    You need to handle these situations better or your relationships will always find themselves in these negative situations.

  8. I think the reality of your relationship is more important than labels. First figure out your thoughts about the relationship and then if labels feel important to you start thinking about which ones fit you. It would be very nude for someone to convince me you are transphobic just based on how much you clearly care about your gf.

    If we assume you are a heterosexual with somewhat average sexual needs the relationship is obviously doomed. But based on your comment about the inconvenience of having sex with males and how easy it seems for you to be in a relationship that lacks sex both the heterosexuality and the level of needs are in question. So start by figuring yourself out. Depending on that you then need to talk to your gf about what you can offer in a relationship sexually and if that is compatible with what she needs.

    I think for now you should adopt a sufficiently murky sexual label or just say you are not sure. Just to get people off you back.

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  10. Bruh you were gonna have sex with him and he blocked you because you wanted to be safe. You’re right it’s humiliating, but not for you

  11. For these reasons and others I can’t take birth control. I never had an issue getting a hookup, long term partner, or husband to wear a condom without complaint. If someone even uttered a single discouragement or eye roll about a condominium we never made it to the bedroom.

    Take this as a red flag and ditch him.

  12. Don't make yourself dependable on him, don't give up your job without some form of compensation. As a lawyer you should know how to do that

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  14. He works TWO DAYS A WEEK. I work 12 to 13 hour shifts FOUR days a week in a row, and I'm not late or calling out. He is lazy as fuck if he can't work two fucking days a week.

  15. I can’t say it was 100% his mom, things were not great for a few years before. But we were not strong enough to handle her meddling. We moved literally weeks before Covid, my dad had just been diagnosed with cancer, I moved away from all my friends and family into isolation and then homeschooling in isolation plus working etc.

    But, my house was a mess according to them. Forget that I was in the absolute depths of depression. Forget that while my MIL was criticizing me, she had been off work for months due to stress leave. Or that they kept a constant stream of garage sale clothes and toys coming into our tiny apartment, and he didn’t want to hurt their feelings by asking them to stop.

    I gave up. Just completely checked out emotionally. He blames me for that too.

    Ugh. On to bigger and better, right?

  16. Maybe I'm just old, but I never told my mother who I was dating until it was super serious – like engagement. Do you need to tell your mother? Would the pressure of not telling her be worse than a potential bad action? Are you confident in this relationship? Or are you projecting your concerns onto your mom?

  17. Exactly, the way she was so nonchalant about it but also, like other ppl pointed out, could've just been her being spiteful/absolutely evil, but FOR WUT???? Wut was the reason???

  18. I wouldn't call you overzealous or paranoid. But I also don't see this as any particular threat to you and your relationship with him. Maybe he remembers her as part of his life story, and doesn't want to obliterate traces of their time together. I think you should let this go.

  19. “howdy there fella, I think you're a mighty handsome cowpoke and boy I'd like to be your cow.”

    But seriously, I'd say that you should tell him that you've found yourself thinking about him from time to time and would like to go out with him to make some memories.

  20. I would say validation that she should stay with him and it isn't as bad as her family and friends say it is. But she isn't getting it, as everyone on here agrees she needs to leave him.

  21. Very.

    She hasn’t reached out out of guilt or wanting to apologise for what she did to you. She’s doing it because they broke up, she’s now going through some stuff and quite possibly lost a lot of their friends with the Non-Binary stuff.

  22. OMG, no, it’s not. A friend would have told him about the relationship before it blew up. You share the good things and the bad.

  23. Do you read many of the posts here? There are a lot of fucked up people with fragile egos out there.

  24. wow that was beautifully worded and unfortunately what I needed to hear. I am really appreciating all of the comments and perspectives from everyone.

  25. He lied to you about everything else – why would he stop lying when it comes to a lap dance or two…?

  26. Like you mentioned, keep this information to yourself and speak to your therapist. I’d also confront my dad. I would let him know I’m concerned about it.

    At the least he knows you know and will at least feel guilt if he continues his meth addiction. Could stop it in the long runz

  27. Like you mentioned, keep this information to yourself and speak to your therapist. I’d also confront my dad. I would let him know I’m concerned about it.

    At the least he knows you know and will at least feel guilt if he continues his meth addiction. Could stop it in the long runz

  28. Like you mentioned, keep this information to yourself and speak to your therapist. I’d also confront my dad. I would let him know I’m concerned about it.

    At the least he knows you know and will at least feel guilt if he continues his meth addiction. Could stop it in the long runz

  29. …with his new girlfriends, most likely. Your post reads a bit like he thinks he's broken up, not taking a break, are you sure you're both clear about what kind of a break you're on?

  30. Kate is the toxic one it seems, and jealous of the fact you cut her out of your life. Her current behavior just proves that your GF gave you great advice in telling you to cut her off

  31. we talked about it later, and part of the issue that I am aware of is that he is in his first year of law school, unmedicated for severe adhd (really hard/expensive to get an assessment in order to access meds), and completely burntout. He says he wants to do better but he honestly has no energy to even take care of himself right now. I told him that I understand that in this temporary situation (exams coming up) he might not have time to take all the steps needed to help himself improve, but I needed him to promise me that at somepoint, he would, because i cant have this be my future forever. He said he would. Starting with making sure he contacts the doctor on tuesday for antidepressants (his idea). We also re-asserted the need for strategies during these situations. I think it would be beneficial for both of us to do therapy especially since he is so burntout and struggling, but he needs to save his insured psychologist sessions in order to use them for an adhd assessment to finally access treatment.

  32. We, as of now, don’t plan on having kids, but he’s always been more of a fence sitter then me so who knows the future for sure. It’s definitely something to consider

  33. First of all, you would put the dog in boarding.

    You said, he doesn't want you doing that.

    Sure, he can say he doesn't want you doing that, but what you should've done is, call the boarding place and take the dogs there yourself. Hecc, I even would go further as boarding the pups a day b4 you are supposed to leave.

    Problem solved. Now he has nothing to complain, per pet sitting- issue. If he asks why you do this, just say that you want to try that specific boarding place, just in case, your bf is not around one day when you're away.

    If he complains about your dogs, he probably felt like he 'has to' watch the dogs because he eats at your house for meals. But he doesn't have to, as you said in the comment. And it's going to make you feel better not to depend on him in that way.

    So all he can complain later on is just how long you're gone and how he misses you. 🙂

  34. We all have fantasies, and some are more concerning than others. I think this requires a moment of quiet thought and some serious questions after that moment. Is this about body type, age, or ick, family relationships?

    Its one thing a fleeting thought, collecting such as porn is a step up a ugly ladder.

  35. That was exactly the word that made me decide it was fake. Also there are just too many descriptors especially that one.

    OP describes this encounter so…. lovingly.

  36. Of course almost everyone will say if their partner cheats, there would be no forgiveness.

    But until you’ve been in that situation, you don’t really know.

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