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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. I think he would out of anger. I don't think he'd do it with the intention of hurting me or being controlling but we both share the same values of only wanting to get married once and it being for life. So out of anger I could see him cutting off access to the funding for a while. When I've gotten upset with him in the past he's always either said he thought I was awake or didn't realize he was touching those areas. But there's no way in particular last night that he didn't know or that he thought I was awake.

  2. I’d say no but you did tell her a bunch of times you would. That’s the only reason you could justify wanting to give her the money. But my opinion is block her and move on. Idk why you haven’t blocked her yet honestly. Sounds like her involvement is toxic for your life and you’re better off without her.

  3. You'd be using his time to satisfy your own need of having someone to talk to, without him sharing that goal. And based on your own assumption about his goals, he wouldn't even be enjoying the conversaion. If stereotypes are upheld for this potential date, you'd presumably also be getting a free meal out of him.

    Just because he wouldn't offer what you're looking for, doesn't mean that anything you can squeeze out of him is fair game. Like he would be wasting your time looking for a relationship, you would be wasting his time to find random hookups. For all we know he could be a complete douchebag, but he could also be a perfectly decent man who is just not ripe for a relationship right now.

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