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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I'm sorry OP, but this is probably not fixable. Him being so decisive here means he's been considering this for a long time. I understand it's jarring that he didn't express that to you (assuming he didn't), but it sounds like he's completely burnt out from being your full-time caretaker and the sole financial provider for three years, only to realize that when he asks you to do a few small tasks to make his life a little easier you can't be bothered. He probably didn't feel he could express his needs because his entire life has revolved around yours. When is the last time you two talked about how he was feeling or what he needed?

    You mention couples therapy. Do you have an individual therapist? If not, have you been expecting your husband to fill that role? If so, he's probably insulted by the suggestion of couples therapy because even after all this you are expecting him to take partial responsibility for managing your issues.

    He doesn't want to talk to you right now so give him space. Make arrangements for a therapist just for you – that is something you need to do anyway. If reconciliation is at all possible, you need to demonstrate some self-sufficiency so he knows that he will not end up in the same position that led to this breakdown.

  2. They thought you knew.

    You're misdirecting your rage because you don't want to face the truth but it's your husband you should be angry with. He betrayed you in the worst way 11 years ago and you did the hot work of working through that pain and building some sort of trust in him again. And he betrayed you again by not telling you he knew Elinor and telling her and Spencer that you knew.

    He lied to Elinor and told him he wasn't married. He lied to you. A lot He lied to Elinor and Spencer about you knowing

    He doesn't respect you and he can't be trusted. Sorry you got a dud ?

  3. Addicts gonna be addicts. He won't stop until he wants to. And he won't really want to until he bottoms out. My advice is that you extricate yourself ASAP, because you're going to be the victim of his addict behavior and he's going to drag you down with him.

    It's shitty and sad, because you love him, but you need to protect yourself. I'm the end, you'll have to go eventually. It's just a question of how much damage he does to your life while you're still legally tied to him.

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