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Date: October 24, 2022

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  1. Ehh that won’t really help me haha. I’m on a social media cleanse and he doesn’t reach out to me so really it doesn’t make a difference. You can check my post history and see how poorly I’ve been dealing with this entire situation.

    In short, we broke up a year ago, we kept in contact the entire year, spoke to each other like a normal couple until mid year he asked for me to come back and I said no because I didn’t see he made any changes, he started talking to someone else but still spoke to me, but he made me aware since he wanted to be honest, told me that he almost broke it off twice with her so I assumed he wasn’t pursuing anything with her after, he still called me by my pet name in September, said I miss you, and then all of a sudden became official with the girl in October, still kept in contact with me and finally told me in November that he was dating the girl because I called him and said I missed him. He told me he felt the same way but that he now has this going on. It was after all of THIS that he said we weren’t compatible lol

  2. The office politics is something I will never miss. People like to stir the pot and find issues with something for no reason. If you talk too much it’s an issue, if you talk to little it’s an issue.

  3. Some people get very nervous when they get too close to someone – it makes them feel vulnerable. So I believe her feelings were sincere, and so is her anxiety.

    Also the “moving too fast” thing is real. How well do we really know someone in 3 months? We think we do – we try to convince ourselves we do – but it really takes a long time to know what a person does when they are feeling depressed, neglected or angry. Your GF probably has had some disappointments before, and wants to avoid the same mistakes in future.

    Give her a few days of silence, then contact her to see where she's at. If she contacts you first, of course, it's fine to talk to her.

  4. My hardest limit I make immediately known is that I will not tolerate any form of yelling. I will leave immediately and I make that clear because it’s such a strong trigger, it’s a one and done deal for me because I cannot handle it. Communicate your boundaries, even if it’s not as hot lined as mine. You don’t have to tolerate yelling or a raised voice at all during conflict, it’s not a requirement of a relationship. You deserve to be treated with respect regardless of how mad your partner is.

  5. I’m not gonna respond to the post because a lot of other comments covered what I would say, but I do have some advice. as a past addict who lived with addicts my whole life- they almost never will get rid of their whole stash that easy. Especially if it’s a dependency/addiction. I would go the full length of searching the house for drugs. You don’t want her to be hiding something and your kid finding it first.

  6. A very anxious and mistake-prone woman getting emotionally involved with a guy who has a superiority complex is a recipe for disaster. All the available personalities in the world to couple up with and you picked the one that would be the absolute worst for you.

  7. Copyright will always win in the absence of any paperwork. Every shoot I do has a copyright release that states what I can and cannot do with the photos and who owns the rights to them

  8. Wow. WOW. Your feelings are valid. She lied to you. She then had you do something that if you knew what it was she was asking you would not have consented to.

    If a person directed another person to touch genitalia they did not want to touch it would be considered some sort of sexual assault or harassment or coercion.

    What the hell was she thinking? Your family is off their rocker too. You were betrayed and then sexually coerced.

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