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  1. Maybe stop looking at the situation as either you or him. It seems obvious this relationship isn't working. Not because she had dinner with an ex but because it appears she's just over you. Living as you are like roommates isn't sustainable. So either break up or get into some couples counseling to see if there's anything to save here. You focusing solely on this dinner is blinding you to the realities of the situation.

  2. How are you talking marriage with a 19 year old you’ve been with half a year? How are you a 20 year old military man who isn’t allowed to talk to women? My advice is to tell a family member that some old lady on Reddit wanted you to address the speed and intensity of this relationship that should still be casual. You need some family counsel.

  3. That's fucked up man, I'm sorry. That's cheating in my book.

    No idea why your wife would ever think that was appropriate.

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