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  1. “In the future IF” – does refer to a future possibility, not “Now”, hence 'Hypothetically, in the future…” I think that there is a future state that is not going to be kind to her IF there was a breakup because of the commitment I have expressed to her.

    Is that clear?

  2. What we have here is a perfect storm of your insecurity and your boyfriend’s stupidity. I mean, the guy says that you putting on eyeliner bumps you up 3 places. That is moronic! Then you ask him to rate you again after all this?! You need to value yourself more.

  3. Blatant disrespect should never be tolerated. Never speak to her again and move on. Abundance mindset!!

  4. When it happened to me in my mid 20’s, it was also a “friend” not a professional situation like a paid modeling job.

    You’re definitely incorrect that this is unusual and that it’s not dissimilar to a paid model being coerced mid-session by a predator with an agenda into allowing violating images to be taken of them.

    It’s exactly the same dynamic. Predator has an agenda, bait and switch surprises and confuses their victim into complying. It’s a pretty common tactic.

  5. Who diagnosed him?

    Ask him if you can go to his psychiatrist with him and talk about the situation .

  6. It's my first serious relationship and our first big fight, so honestly I don't feel like I know anything.

  7. I live in that kind of town and actively mess the the masses because I don’t care what they think. It saddens me when I listen to how they speak to each other and their kids. I commend you for wanting to put your Son and the situation out there honestly.

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