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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. He cried and apologized and said he messed up it shouldn't have happened and he wanted me and our family and he would do anything to make it work and give me any reassurance I need. He blocked her on everything and he was really putting in effort and trying to show me he was changing because he really wants us to work

    So I went to his apt to surprise him with food (we don't live together) and to my surprise his ex was there, than I confronted him and he swore that they were just friends and nothing happened he just liked hanging out with her and drinking.

    If point A happened, then why did point B happen? They shouldn't have even been in contact. Why would you take him back then?

    You don't trust him because he hasn't even remotely tried to get you to trust him. Those doubts in your head about him are true. This will always be your life if you keep taking him back.

  2. Unless this teenage friend is a psychologist there's just not a lot he can do. You need real help with real professionals. Untrained people are usually afraid to get too involved with someone who's suicidal. The risk of saying the wrong thing and pushing them over the edge is just too great. Talking someone through a breakup falls squarely within what-friends-can-actually-do territory. Providing medical care to someone in the midst of a mental health crisis is well outside of what should be expected of an 18 y.o.

  3. I made it very clear on my dating profiles whether I was interested in having kids or not (I’m not, don’t want kids ever), it saves everyone time. I went on a date with a guy who said he wanted kids at the very end, and we both felt kind of bad we’d wasted each other’s time (it was a good date but he was looking seriously).

  4. It's been 7 years. You should have been discussing timelines on this on an annual basis after your 25th birthdays.

  5. Ok, thanks for the advice. I don't think she's going to want to talk to me yet but when she's hopefully cooled down I'll include what you've said.

  6. She's dumb as a box of rocks and will get into worse trouble someday because of her mouth, I'd steer clear of loud mouths like that because nothing good ever comes from hanging around them.

  7. Oof, sorry I definitely read that wrong. I thought you thought I was saying that he should have asked again after she said no the first time. It would have been better than what he did, but I wasn't implying that he should have pushed her. You were just agreeing with me. My bad. ?

  8. She basically love bombed you then spines it around to verbally assaulting you…. The fact she didn’t want couples therapy was a red flag. She literally turned her abuse on you because you seem like a rational person and easy target. Blocking her on everything was the best option because she would drain you to the point of you not recognizing your own self. Good for you.and good luck.

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