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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. Would you be more comfortable with the idea of you knew for sure that he had attended, say, a gun safety class as well as some target training, so he actually knows how to use it? And you know that he knows?

  2. it’s absolutely absurd to me the shit straight women put up with. this is disgusting. i would have rubbed my gfs back even if i REALLY did not want to. i would never have just let her cry herself to sleep. this is so terrible. and i most definitely ALWAYS ALWAYS prioritize my gfs sexual pleasure. i will always try until she comes for me , every single time.

    your boyfriend is not only selfish in bed but also is selfish as a whole. please for the love of god don’t settle for this

  3. You left a girl alone at a club who was drunk enough to make out with a stranger? That’s harsh dude. I get that she fucked up someyhing awful, but was she safe?

  4. I will agree to disagree on this one and that's perfectly fine.

    I'm again sorry that happened to u but i don't feel like it's the same and that's the last I'll say about it because u wont change my mind and i wont change urs and that's OKAY!

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