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  1. Dudes really say that? Good God-

    I guess maybe he wasn't clear? Or he is maybe not taking me seriously?

  2. While it may or may not be suspicious that she no longer wears her engsgement r8ng, I doubt her being in pictures with her co-worker is connected. If she was truly cheating in you or about to break up with you, what difference would it make if she wore her engagement ring while posing for pictures with her co-worker?

    Cheaters tkae their rings off while trying to flirt with strsngers not co-workers who've seen them with their rings for weeks.

    So I think one of the following things are true:

    She's no longer wearing it because she realized it might be dangerous to wear expensive jewelry in public in whichever country she's in.

    She might have almost lost it and didn't want to risk it happening again. Or she's already lost it and is too embarrassed to tell you.

    She has realized you aren't compatible and wish to break up but feels it would be too callous to do so over texts and wants to wait until she's back home so she can do it in person. She may or may not have cheated.

    Whichever is true, you should simply have a calm and frank discussion with her.

  3. She shouldn’t need a guy best friend like this if she has a husband. Imo you need to tell her that you don’t like what’s happening with him being round your house because imo that’s fucked up hes allowed to be round so often. She shouldn’t need male friends if she has a husband man.

  4. I… really don’t know what to say? Like honestly if she never told me anything she could have gotten away with it and she has been expressive over her troubles so i know she really did need a place to stay over.

  5. I get you. Tbh I wouldn't ghost either – even if you don't get an answer, you can decisively leave him and cite tinder as the reason. Ghosting seems like it could be weirdly received by him – he may not hypothetically know you know about tinder, and may think he's being ghosted cos he moved.

    Anyway – so sorry you had a connection that was meaningful to you, destroyed like this. Big hugs. Take care of yourself well for a while. You've been through a big break of trust.

  6. You're so far gone into your obsession that you don't see that this isn't about the loser at all. It's about you not letting this go. You've told the family. You've already informed her. Now you're asking if you should inform her that he's on Tinder. Why ask? You've already told them again. What else do you need to feel vindicated since you feel like a victim? Another night in the hotel or the company truck?

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