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Date: October 7, 2022

6 thoughts on “Eveeevian live! sex chats for YOU!

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  2. Of course I love him either way. What in my post made you feel that I don’t love him? I’m not divorcing him over it. Just looking for relationship advice. Maybe this is the wrong sub lol

  3. Yes, because if it was, in fact, “an alpha ex” then there would be the added complication of them probably having a sexual history which doesn’t seem to apply here. Accuracy does make a difference. Always.

  4. I know often this sub will resort to immediately telling someone to break up but putting myself in this position unfortunately there's no way I could trust them again.

    Ultimately it's you're decision, I'd certainly say give yourself a few weeks to adjust to the situation and see how you feel about it after a few weeks of no contact but yeah… Doesn't seem like much of a way out of this sadly.

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