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Date: September 24, 2022

11 thoughts on “Eric_and_Nicole , ❤️ Private is Open! ❤️ the hard live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. First off I'd be very hesitant about entertaining a friendship with someone like this. You don't need that drama and you've already done what you can with giving her a therapist contact info. I know it's easy to feel responsible to help when people are hurting, but this one is not on you.

    I'd say that it sounds like he was doing what is referred to like “reactive abuse”. If she yells, throws things and slams doors and fights him constantly he will eventually break. Not to say that tackling her was nowhere near ok. Likely they are both legally guilty of assault. Her likely on multiple occasions.

    Intense therapy is the only hope for anything good and she needs to deceide herself that she wants it

  2. What do you think? Can you wait especially at your age? I mean you are in your mid 20s and a lot of life to on-line. Don’t let religion and her mom make you wait for something that will never happen also let’s say you do wait and do marry her. Her mom will be making decisions in your marriage for the rest of your life and I’m sorry but that sounds like biblical hell.

  3. Only you know what you’re comfortable with and shouldn’t push yourself. If this is something both of you want to do, clear boundaries and discussion before after during etc

  4. Do NOT have kids with this abusive woman.!!You need to leave her. No one has the right to put their hands on you !! Leave her.

  5. No if I end it is precisely because i don’t want him to change because of me, and it is one’s of the reasons I’m thinking about it because sometimes i feel that he wants to change because of me and to fit more

  6. Brother I hate to say it but it sounds like she is mentally checked out of your relationship. She straight up doing that shit to your face. Maybe she is waiting for you to address it eventually and baiting you in to breaking up with her.

  7. I’d talk to your friend, but he probably already knows what she’s mad about if he dumped her. Talk to him, get his side, tell him your side just for clarification all around. The ex wasn’t exactly subtle in regards to viewing you as a threat to her relationship so I’m sure others in your group and your friend had picked up on her vibe. And she hadn’t even met you (it sounds like) so imagine how she’d be in person!

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