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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. This is your time. Be a little crazy, and have that baby. Yes it is a lot of work, but it will anchor you to be thinking not just about your disease. Thousands of children are born to both parents every day and many children still have s miserable life. Not one of those parents has a lifetime guarantee, yet they get to have children. You just happen to have a date in the near future which is the greatest burden to bear that is the difference. Sending you all positive energy.

  2. Is this a joke? Because it seems to me you are too comfortable with letting people run over you and you’re being indenial which can be a very bad thing for your relationships further on. Be fr. Don’t ever get comfortable with anyone doing such a thing! He’s not respecting you at all. It’s better to realize it now than to ignore it and things get worse. That’s disgusting and I hope you’re not serious because that’s ridiculous and you don’t deserve that.

  3. It's harsh because it's true, I do feel like I'm treated like a teenager and I do struggle not to behave like one with her. I'm basically having my teenager rebellious years later in life where I'm trying to establish boundaries and not managing it as smoothly as I'd like.

    I guess this post is me seeking more confirmation that it's OK to stand up for myself (which I must admit makes me feel pathetic quite a bit).

    Thanks for the harsh words, you're on point.

  4. Ugh no. What you need is a restraining order and to make a professional complaint to his professional body about taking ownership of your vehicle.

    Unwind everything with him and get him out of your life. He is unhinged.

  5. Ugh no. What you need is a restraining order and to make a professional complaint to his professional body about taking ownership of your vehicle.

    Unwind everything with him and get him out of your life. He is unhinged.

  6. Therapists are… a thing. I am considered fully disabled with OCD, so I have seen a lot of therapists in my life (definitely over 20 different ones). And not every therapist is a good fit for everyone.

    There are therapists with whom you simply don't click. For example, some people need a therapist who basically gives them a kick in the butt to change something. These people wouldn't do well with a very kind and careful therapist who only gently encourages – but that might be something other people need really badly.

    And then there are the “dangerous” therapists. Those a therapists you get along with perfectly well, you like them, they're cool, you thus decide to do therapy with them… but then it doesn't help, simply because there are so many different types of therapy and not everything is for everyone. I currently, sadly, have one of those, as during Covid, there was a serious shortage of therapists in my country and I literally had to take what I could get. She's a wonderfully nice woman, but I am literally just going there to have a nice chat – it's still great to have someone to talk about your issues and worries about, but that's it: A talk. There is no change, nothing that feels like “therapy”, I don't feel like I'm being shown any sort of “path” I could follow to work through things. But since I liked – and like – her, I signed up for the therapy with her when I didn't know yet what it could do for me, my insurance approved it and well, now I'm stuck with her. It doesn't harm me, I still like going, but that's the issue – therapy sometimes has to be rough. It needs to make you cry as you work through traumas. If your girlfriend just went to therapy and was like “Well… it's not helping”, then that was likely because she didn't have a therapist with whom she clicked enough and who offered the right sort of therapy to her.

    There are so many different types of trauma therapy. EMDR is super-popular and helps so many people, but it definitely isn't for me, for example. Your girlfriend definitely shouldn't let one failed attempt discourage her and instead realize that when it comes to therapists, “shopping around” is almost always needed.

  7. You probably wouldn't be very surprised at how many of these askreddit's are just about men who have never been taught to be polite. Like 80% of this subreddit is relationship problems stemming around a guys inability to be nice/caring.

  8. Normally we only have 2-3 drinks each when we go out and the atmosphere of the place is quite relaxed and friendly as opposed to it being full of drunk people.

  9. Unforgivable. Dump him immediately, issue a takedown notice at the porn site. Actually, before you dump him, you grab every one of his devices and make sure it’s deleted from all of them—folders including “deleted items.” Dump him AFTER you do this.

    His “insecurities” are no fucking excuse, and damn, am I tired of seeing so much abuse called iNsEcURiTy.

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