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5 thoughts on “EmmiMalialive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Role reversal “oh she is just playing”, “women day that all the time calm down”….Come on reddit.

    Anyway you know your partner….if you feel it's a problem consult the law and leave end of story

  2. If he loved you enough he’s feel a deep need to make you his life partner, ie, marry you, so that nobody else gets the chance.

    This whole “not believing in marriage” thing is what cowards say when they want to string someone along hoping they’ll fall for them “eventually”. If he’s worried you’ll take him to the cleaners in a divorce, that’s not an excuse because prenups exist.

    I know so many people who “didn’t believe in marriage” who ended up getting married when they met the “right person”.

    He’s just not that into you, but he likes something about you enough to hope that eventually his feelings will come. They won’t. That’s not generally how it works.

    Shit or get off the pot.

    Sorry that hurts but I left an ex partly for that reason and regret nothing. I got some info later that provided important context for his inertia and regret it even less now. Sunken cost is only gonna get worse the longer you wait.

  3. This example is… well ridiculous. And yet very telling. This should be a non-issue. It happens. The fact that she’s pouting over it and whatever you do is not good enough should have all your alarms go off at the same time.

    Fair, she has some traumatic past. Ok. You can’t fix her past and you can’t be responsible for guessing which approach would be to her highness liking. If she needs to work through her past with her therapist, she should. It’s nice if you support her along the way but don’t sign yourself up for the fixer role and don’t volunteer to tiptoe around every single non-issue because “she has a past”.

  4. Y’all got “Dude with a camera”-ed. Boudoir is not supposed to resemble porn. There’s a class to the boudoir shoot, it’s sexy, sensual, and erotic, even hot, but it’s not pornographic. If it looks like porn then I’m sorry man but your wife got hustled into a porn shoot. That guy is a sleezebag and I wouldn’t doubt that he’s keeping those photos for his own personal spank bank. I model for fun and unfortunately there are way too many of these guys who only want to get you hard in front of the camera and spread it.

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