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Date: September 26, 2022

8 thoughts on “Emma Williams on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. wow, 19 & 34 got married. I assume women his own age recognized the red flags so he had to find a kid to get married to.

    There isn't any 'fixing' this. It is what it is

  2. we were talking about what we did the whole day and he told me this. i think we communicate openly about things

  3. I can certainly discuss the male friends, but did she also have female friends or personal hobbies?

  4. Started having second thoughts a few months ago when we got into a fight about our plans for the future He has supported me but now i think he has some issues with me developing further I know our relationship works a lot around compromise and i can adapt to change not sure if he can

  5. How was this meeting any different than the party in 2 weeks that he was planning on going to? I just don't see how this would have made him nervous since he had already decided to make the leap and meet them. Odd that he was overly apologetic and then ghosted you.

  6. Nope. You're wanting HER to treat YOU like a partner whilst you treat her as much less than that.

    We can all see through you.

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