Fuck me while I playing very hot , ♥GOAL:SQUIRT#curvy #latina #bigtits #bigass #shaved #vibrators #masturbation♥️ GOAL: RIDE DILDO #POV [Multi Goal]

Date: September 24, 2022

7 thoughts on “EmilyBell

  1. I can think myself into an orgasm. Pelvic floor exercises can also trigger one. So it’s not Outlandish

    But then my spouse also enjoys how easily I can get off so it wouldn’t be surprise news to him.

  2. You can't get him to do anything. He has to want to. And he clearly doesn't want to. It sounds like you've communicated your needs and desires openly and honestly multiple times, so at this point he is actively choosing to ignore your needs. I think it's no coincidence that you end up feeling bad every time you bring up your needs – he wants you to feel bad so you stop bringing it up. Because he's selfish. Because he doesn't see you as an equal partner in this relationship. Honestly getting narcissistic abuser vibes from him. Lots of red flags here and I think it's in your best interest to distance yourself from him.

  3. I wasn't trying to imply that he should have asked again, that's just what he said. He didn't want to “ruin the moment” by asking if she'd changed her mind and just went along with whatever was in his head. I was trying to break it down to simplest terms what was wrong with the scenario. She already said no, and he thought making sure he had her consent wasn't sexy.

  4. Agreed. Also seem to be horrified by someone crying in public. It’s really not that unusual. I’d probably cry in public if I found out my ex was getting married even though I’m no longer in love with him. OP seems invalidating af

  5. You literally just did though. You generalized. I have literally NEVER FUCKING COMMITTED ANYTHING BAD IN MY FUCKING LIFE!!!!!

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