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Date: September 30, 2022

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  2. There's the legal aspect you look at first. Sounds like an apartment, which implies that there is a rental agreement or lease with a landlord. Whose names are on that contract? If its just you and your sister, technically you can start eviction proceedings with the courts to forcibly remove him if he doesn't leave willingly. If his name is on the contract, then both the landlord and he would need to agree to removing him from it.

    If his is the only name on the lease, you and your sister need to leave. He could file to evict you.

    The other alternative is you and your sister move out. Depending on the contract, names on it, etc… this may incur a financial penalty (leases and rental agreements always have a penalty for terminating early).

    Then there's whose names are on the utilities… Usually a utility company will take 1 person's name off the account without too much fuss. You just need to ask them.

    Sometimes its easier to move out.

  3. she WAS a teenager when they met, unless they met and got married VERY fast. yikes. OP-listen to them. you can do better and your husband is clearly the issue, not you

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