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Date: October 3, 2022
Actors: Ellina-Rowe

7 thoughts on “Ellina-Rowe live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. Classic rule, if they’ll cheat with you they’ll cheat on you. You should’ve seen this coming from a mile away. There is no fixing this or dealing with insecurity you chose to double down on a guy you know has the capacity to lie, cheat, and manipulate so that’s who you’re stuck with

  2. You will always be her second choice. Do you want to live the rest of your life wondering if today is the day that she met the guy she really wants to be with?

    She is for the streets, and doesn’t deserve you. She fucked around (literally), now it’s time for her to find out.

  3. I doubt he’s making the profile changes as you post consciously. It sounds like you two are closer friends so maybe just seeing you active reminds him he hasn’t updated in a while. I’ve noticed in the age of the internet good conversation can quickly devolve into just liking each other’s stuff for a number of reasons, none are bad it’s just how it is sometimes. You have to tend to your relationships, it’s like tending to a plant. If you reach out for conversation your relationship will grow. It’s probably not subtlety so much as it is social media anxiety/shyness!

  4. I couldn't be with somebody that has the capacity for that. How far is this going to go? Will your accomplishments be torn down as well? Somebody that can't accept their own self-worth without being in a position of authority for “respect” makes me wonder what kind of people he looks up to that do exist.

  5. To those people downvoting me but upvoting the original comment who I’m replying to. Thanks for showing your hypocrisy ??

  6. If she’s having feelings for other people, I’d be careful about putting yourself in the middle of that you will get hurt and she’s not committed to you. I’m breaking up for a while. It’s not a bad idea and just going about your life and if it’s meant to be, it’ll work itself out anyway. Your both pretty young. She’s really demonstrating that with getting feelings all over the place.

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