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  1. Pretend it wasn’t you who wrote this. Take a minute and re-read it. What would YOU tell you to do?

    I think you know the answer here. Love yourself. Good luck.

  2. You said that if you didnt she would do it anyways, basically telling that she would cheat on you if you didnt open the relationship, and you still didnt ended the engagement? Dude you have some serious self steem problem

  3. He's playing games with you. I've known guys like this. They're trying to mess with your head so that it tilts the power imbalance in their direction. He wants you to be chasing him, it gives him control.

    My big sister always said “never let a man tell you twice that he doesn't want to be with you.” As hard as it was to live up to, I swear this advice has served me well.

    Ditch the fool. You deserve better

  4. While I can't diagnose you, this sounds a lot like borderline personality disorder thinking. I'd advise therapy for you, and not datingvm until you get your shit sorted out a bit better.

  5. This seems like a pretty contradictory statement:

    It’s not because I’m unhappy in my relationship it’s just honestly Jim can be kind of distant and dismissive. Especially when it comes to our sex life, I’m a very sexual person and I like exploring and he doesn’t want to.

    Beyond his hypocritical reaction, calling you a slur, and lying to his friends to make you look bad, it's pretty clear you're not as satisfied with this relationship as you want yourself to believe you are. I hope you move on and someday you will look back and wonder why you tried so hot for someone who doesn't do the same for you. Best of luck.

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