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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Yeah but if they've got anything about them they'll be financially secure too. Nothing to stop two people who each own a house, move into one, rent the other

  2. Im sorry, you caused him all of this pain and opened up past trauma for him and YOU think you're the one who should be comforted? By HIM? You've got a lot of nerve, lady.

  3. No.

    Red flags are danger warnings, not inconveniences. “Not liking dogs” is trivial. Abusing dogs is a red flag. You've flipped the script.

    Actual crimes are red flags.

  4. I appreciate everyone’s input. I think some of you are getting the wrong idea here but your entitled here. What is bothering me about the situation is that her FIL intends us to use the money to make money. Which is great but what I don’t think is entirely fair is that I am the one who will have to do all the leg work work. I’ve always made double the money if not triple in some cases than my wife and it’s always been what’s mine is hers and visa versa. As an example let’s say we buy 3 investment homes with the money he provides and I’d have to furnish them and rehab them with our own funds. Not to mention the maintenance will come out of our own pocket. If that’s the situation I would think I would be entitled to some of it. I’m not arguing that I want her initial inheritance but if I have to work it and invest my own time and money into it and she decides we need a divorce then and she gets everything I’d feel like I was taken advantage of. I think that’s what rubs me the right way. As far as the business situation again, I decided to shadow him and learn from him I never expected or wanted him to give me the business I thought he would sell personally. I even took a pay cut to take advantage and learn from someone who has been in the business because I think it would be smart long term. He has been the one implanted the idea that that’s mine to run. Idk about you guys but if someone says it’s yours I’d feel like you’d think some sort of ownership is involved, but now it’s I’m giving it to her sister and me run it for her?

    I don’t think he is a bad guy for wanting to take care of her daughters but to do it at my expense I think doesn’t feel good.

    Ultimately I think having him buy our a bigger personal home maybe best. In an off chance we divorce I would let her have that home anyways for the kids. And we can use our own funds and current home to rent and invest.

    As for the business I do agree with a lot of you and I’ll talk to him, and will do my own after a bit more of experience

  5. Taking into account some of your previous posts, the biggest problem in your life is you.

    I don't know if you have a lot of childhood trauma or had an awful homelife or whatever but if you don't get a handle on yourself, this dynamic will just keep playing out in your life.

    Most people on reddit are probably going to feel bad for you and suggest you break up with him (you should) and find a good guy. I would bet you will find yourself in another situation just like this though. You can focus on how awful he is and get lots of sympathy from random people or you can start to really address the real problem in your life: you.

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