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  1. Either you trust him or you don't. Proximity to his ex isn't going to make or break the relationship unless it's already fractured. Christmas Eve and morning are pretty exciting moments for small children, and all told, you only get about 8-10 Christmases with young ones who will be excited about it. From about ages 3-10ish. I can understand how you might feel secondary right now, but you get him all the other times, and this is a limited time opportunity.

  2. Unless she cheated on you 5/6 weeks ago it's yours…. Seeing in the comments that you cheated on her, why are you still with her? And why is it getting to you so bad? She did tit for tat

  3. If that's the kind of men you attract that speaks volumes about you.

    Yet here I am, a straight man saying that's bullshit. I'm not implying, I'm saying otherwise.

    Plenty of guys doing all of that and more and if you can't find them that's on you.

  4. She doesn't want to be the other woman in that sense, she knows what boundaries should be in play, I'm the one flouting them if anyone is

    OP, she's an adult, and she ACTIVELY decides to be the other woman, which is quite telling about her character as well.

    She's told me she knows she'll always love me no matter who she's with or what my choice is.

    Aren't you a bit too old for this Disney crap? You have zero clue if you'd actually have REAL feelings if you were both single and dating each other. You're engaging in an affair, which is overly exciting because it's forbidden. You have zero clue how you'd both feel like if you'd have to take on day-to-day life, you have zero clue how you'd feel after 5+ years of actual dating and living together.

    As for coming clean, I definitely will, I just can't do it during the holidays. M

    The longer you wait, the worse it gets. How do you think your wife will feel once she knows that you've kept this for X additional months? Time she would have had to figure out what she wants?

  5. I dont even need to read the post youre a home wrecker and youre being manipulated, tell his wife and get the cheating bastard dumped

  6. You met on Tinder, he should already be in the dating vibe with you? Right? Just ask him out.

    Purely my opinion: don't date a 23 year old as an 18 year old. Please. Don't. Would you want to date a 17 y/o as an 12 y/o? The gap isn't as big as 12-17, but 18-23 is still massive.

  7. Ha! I'd gladly get from someone who can't think for themselves, I literally said that's the only way unsupervised you'd be around my kid and I'd teach then consent so no one family or otherwise touches or swabs them

  8. You can choose not to date someone for absolutely any reason.

    7 billion people on this planet, hoes (male and female) are everywhere like rats roaches and ants. Some need to be stepped on.

  9. His trainer seems like a kind of person who would push for an invite? Sorry, but lol. Most unrealistic excuse ever. So your fiancé, as a paying client, wants to “keep it professional” at a degree that he's blatantly lying about being engaged, but a person who's livelihood depends on their job is uninterested in keeping it professional to a degree that he's willing to pester their client/s by pushing for an invite. Why would a trainer want to get invited to his client's wedding in the first place? And since when is lying the way to keep a professional distance? Why the “I don't feel comfortable talking about my love life” wasn't enough? Your fiancé is a liar. Tried to lie to you too when you wanted to join him at the gym (until he couldn't).

  10. Ok so your parents are way out of line. If my SO’s parents were pressuring me into something, I would continue to not do it. But also, it’s his life. He can choose to do nothing and make nothing and online at home forever if his parents allow it. You cannot change him, especially since it seems like he doesn’t want to actually change. You can only control YOUR life and YOUR reactions. I can’t see you making it long term with this guy if you’re feeling like you’re pulling the weight and he’s not. You need to make the choice to online with him how he is or breakup.

  11. He has a fairly extensive knowledge of law. His age (which lines up with his appearance) and background story are consistent. I really, really doubt he's lying about studying law.

  12. You may not have been “official” but he still hid his activities from you 'cause he knew that it wouldn't be well received. He knew what he did would be unacceptable so he lied. So going forward, what other uncomfortable truths is he going to lie about?

    You gave him a chance to come clean but he chose dishonesty instead. Then he gave you an STD. If he hated you, what more could he do to you?

    Another way to look at it: If you told your past self in the early days of your relationship what you now know, would you have stayed? If he was about to date your best friend, would you sing his praises? When you have kids, wouldn't it be nice to not have to hide or cover up their dad's crappy moves? Walk away with your head held high. If he was going to change, it should have happened long ago, when you first met, not after giving you an STD.

  13. Then why are you listening to friends who know nothing? This makes you look like you are incapable of forming opinions of your own. This is incredibly disrespectful to your bf to play with the ides that he’s gay when he told you he’s bi and he’s literally dating you.

  14. At first you are going to hate my response, but then eventually you are going to understand.

    It’s only scary now. In 5 years, it will be a memory.

    You’re love for her is strong now. In 5 years, it will be a memory.

    You are young young. You will have many many more memories from 5 years ago. Many times over in your life.

    Let her go and find someone who can handle the badass man you are. It takes fucking guts to tell the girl you like that you want to cry and be comforted.

    One day you will find a woman (this girl is a child in the grand scheme of things) who will love, respect, and embrace that sort of strength!

  15. You started off by saying her family were immigrants. Why even say that?????

    You made sure to state your Ex-Gf was a “Dropout” (Your words).

    Then you basically accused her family of underhanded business practices.

    You were more than happy to allow her to take you all over the world & enjoy the rewards of HER families hot work.

    You and your family (Sister) allowed her to buy your sister a car, you were happy to allow her to find a family member a Dr.

    Let’s look at this realistically. If her family does kitchen remakes or installations in new homes then they do have the ability to generate a lot of income.

    If her family is in with contractors and have carved out that aspect of the home building process then they are smart.

    If they get with multiple contractors, have crews that do the work, build these kitchens on a Spec home building level , then I can absolutely see them doing well.

    Sounds like they’ve worked hard and you’ve been more than happy to ride on their family’s backs.

  16. You just accept your husband is a liar. Why is it any different now after 9 years? How have you managed before but now it’s a problem?

    You already have accepted it.

    Stop expecting any truth.

  17. You don’t have to be the bigger person and forgive. That will be your choice of you choose that but do not feel forced there because you aren’t. You honestly sound way to smart to stay, so I feel like you’ll do the right thing. If you tell someone something your husband did as a husband and they turn it on him as a father that’s their own issue. Take care of you, don’t worry about how other people will think or see it.

  18. So you let a complete stranger in a foreign country drive you home, despite having nobody you know with you to help ensure your safety. You were lucky enough to make it back to where you were staying unscathed, and didn't care to notify your partner that you were safe before leaving again with more people and ignoring your phone for hours. Then you wonder why your partner is incredibly pissed off at you?

    Girl, you need to get your head on straight. Getting in cars with strange men in foreign countries is insanely irresponsible. You told your partner you were doing it anyway, and then didn't even have enough common sense or respect to tell him you made it safely to the place where you were staying. You didn't reach out to him for several hours after leaving in strange man's car. During all this time when you were not communicating with him, were you making posts on social media? Facebook, IG, TikTok, Snapchat? Because while I do think his first thought should've been that something bad happened to you, he is not responsible for consoling you because nothing bad happened. And you do not have the right to be pissed off at him for you making a really stupid decision.

  19. This is it for me too. Had to go back and check the ages. Imagine being almost 30 and still tolerating this high school level bullshit drama. Op, she won’t get any better.

  20. I could tell you a little backstory that could have led to this…

    FYI, we were planning for a wedding but we aren't engaged yet. This morning, I started looking for venues and I also inquired the hotels, restos, etc about prices and stuff then she tried to do her part and scouted for other venues as well and told me to contact them which I was glad to do. After 15+ different inquiries and looking at pictures, prices, meal packages, I told her, “I'm done inquiring for today hahaha” and she told me I was being passive aggressive. I really wasn't and was just telling her whats on my mind. I may have just blurted it out and could have been more empathetic but I was clearly very into the activity as I started it, had the initiative to look for different venues, looked at videos, pictures, contacted them, etc. I apologized that I hurt her.

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