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  1. With equality comes responsibility. It’s cheating she’s a cheater. And it does count when it’s a girl. How would she figure feel if you had sex with a man? It’s cheating.

  2. First, get the mindset of “I’m the evil person out of your head. That’s not the case so you need to stop trying to play that card. On the same note, your family, friends, and therapist (if what you’re saying is entirely true with no other context) are shitty people giving you awful advice. Now, I’m not saying you’re great here, which I assure you I’ll address, but neither is he, so a statement like that is unhelpful in the kindest of terms. It’s gaslighting (which is honestly weird coming from them) in the worst of terms. I digress.

    Before getting into a “big picture” discussion, I’ll start by addressing the specifics. First, how did you meet this guy? You said it was recently, but how did he just become your boyfriends best friend so quickly?

    To then address your question about whether it’s fair or not to have set the one day/week standard? It’s just not that black and white. The reason for that is because there’s a lot to consider. On the surface, it’s unreasonable for you to set a standard like that limiting your partner’s interactions or invitations with a friend. But like anything else, context matters. It’s also unreasonable for your partner to prioritize too much of his time to his friend, let alone having him over constantly.

    To now back up, independence is important and healthy in a relationship. That means time to yourself, friends, and family. But there also needs to be a balance. If all your time is focused on everyone but your partner, then what’s the point of being in a relationship? I bring this up so that you and everyone else understand that I’m not coming at this from a perspective of not understanding the importance of having a life outside of a relationship. I assure you that I couldn’t possibly argue more for the importance of it.

    So on that note, despite what I said earlier, if his friend was constantly over, you were absolutely reasonable to set a boundary. What’s worse is that his “solution” was to just change the setting.

    It becomes further worse when he suggests that limiting or stopping fridays will indicate that he only wants weed. Let’s dissect that now. First, does he in fact only want weed? Seems like that’s honestly the case. Second, even if it’s not, why make an assumption on the other person’s behalf? Logically, it’s because it’s complete bullshit. But again, even if we want to assume it’s genuine, could he not simply just talk to his “best friend” about it? Let’s just put his argument into words here; “If I ask him to hang out on days other than Friday, he’ll think I’m just using him for weed.” The fuck? Who on earth would draw that conclusion?

    Listen, I think I could talk about this situation relentlessly but I want to keep it simple. He’s being unreasonable and he’s lying. You obviously have a our own issues that need to be worked on. But he’s here arguing that he needs a weekly weekend night out without you to smoke week. I honestly would be all about him wanting to do that every so often. But every single week? Why?

    I’m also not sure how you could be any more flexible here. It’s time for you to take a step back and objectively assess the situation here. Good luck.

  3. Dude this shit is gonna bite you in the ass in the future and you know it. Don't ignore obvious redflags because you're in love or you don't want to be lonely.

  4. he said that he feels like men deserve more respect than women do in a relationship/doesn’t agree with my opinion about equal respect and that he’s a man so of course he doesn’t understand my emotions and shouldn’t have to

    He's misogynistic, damn. That's not something you can really fix.

    Also, is something wrong with me? Am I not a “good woman?” Should I change who I am?

    Nope, nothing is wrong with you. You shouldn't change anything except who your romantic partner is. He's suddenly saying he USED TO think you were hot? And only NOW he doesn't like these qualities about you?

    It sounds like he imagined you'd be 18-20 forever and now either wants you to A) “shut up and do as I say” or B) magically get younger. Neither you should or could do.

    Divorce him and find someone that won't hide that he apparently hates you for a whole decade.

  5. This is not a red flag, this is the behaviour red flags warn us about.

    Next time he will hit you. Make a plan and get out.

  6. If kids aren’t a deal breaker, why did you call her manipulative for being unsure about having kids. Maybe you should consider drinking less if you are unable to refrain from being cruel to your fiancé.

  7. My SO tells me she is still in love with me. And I tell her that I still love her.

    Maybe the two of you just love the security of a partner? Either way, discuss it and try for counseling before giving up at this point.

  8. As a woman, I’m on your side here. If she wasn’t talking about it before hand and about some special meaning it had to her how the hell were you supposed to know? It’s not a standard expectation anywhere as far as I know…

    No idea how you resolve it, her reaction seems disproportionate. You could try having a proper conversation after she cools down because maybe something else is bothering her or she has other underlying issues with the relationship that she hasn’t voiced. You could also say now that you know it’s important to her, you will remember going forward but honestly I don’t think you’re in the wrong at all and I don’t think you should have to apologise for this.

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