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Date: September 23, 2022

5 thoughts on “Dezzire

  1. Thanks for the reply.

    She needs to learn to communicate her feelings of neglect better and give you a fair chance to meet her needs before seeking elsewhere

    She has already admitted this, but that being said, she also says she’s not sure whether it’s too late to salvage regardless of both of our mistakes.

  2. There is more to this as well. Even if she's not, their relationship has clearly degraded to the point that he does not trust her.

    Even if she wasn't lying, this is still a good indication to start seriously thinking about moving on.

  3. You aren't a match OP. Right away he was disrespectful and called you a slur. He has his porn and you have yours, but he knows what he lacks in your relationship but chooses to just be selfish.

    I wouldn't stay with a person like this and we all know it's BS that he friends had something to say about it. Your bf thought it's a point in this argument and he will be on top.

    OP just break it off and find someone that wants you for you and can match your needs on your levels, as you can do for them.

  4. Are you sure he posted the profile. Anyone can get pics from the socials and post if they know even the SLIGHTEST info ..Check your friend real close ..if she was so quick to FIND it, why was she looking for HIS profile in the first place? . Is she from the city he moved too. What was her motivation . Something smells bad her . I'm only saying because that is how I had a breakup, I was relocating and traveling between home and new location to set up logistics. I got a nice place, the right location for everything went ring shopping and all . So I was wondering why I hadn't gotten a call.text anything ghosted for no reason or so I thought. Turns out my GF'S BFF posted multiple profiles in sites with my I got ghosted I fly down and my.GFs parens gave me no info .Slammed the door onmy face when I drive to their house Heard rumors that was was doing all sorts of stuff . I decided that it was time to move on and move ahead. 8 months afterwards, I get a call from her number I dont answer then another..15 calls in one day .Finally I pick up and it's her. She asking me how my life is how much she misses me, and can we get back together. I said “Hey I'm at work can I call you later . No wait call me after 830 and we can talk” I blocked her time for childish women that take the word of a liar I've rthe word on someone trying to move mountains to accommodate her and her comfort

  5. For me mariage felt like thats the final straw… if you have unstable feelings… dont get married… yes we all see attractive people but as a married person im not intimidated nor thinking about the attractive person… managing a wife is already a stressful, managing these attractive people is fkd up… you just dont think about it… or maybe its just me.

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