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  1. Thanks, I needed a reality check.

    Well, I appreciate this comment.

    I still plan on attempting to publish some research on ebrains, as I have 2 post graduate students interested in possibly collaborating, albeit, they are psychology post grads.

    I will just hold off on relationships for a bit, as im not self aware/ emotionally mature enough for them, it seems like.

    I need more time to get my shit together.

  2. So tell her what you've told us, that you're confused about how she'd like you to respond. There's nothing wrong with straightforward, non- blaming communication. Make “I” statements such as “I don't know how to respond when you do x.”

  3. Bachelor party is for the guy, wedding is for the girl. Although the pregnancy does complicate things..

  4. I've done this before while having a deep conversation in my car with someone. He would have seen them try and recloth if there was anything sexual happening.

  5. she will try her best to win me back

    God I dislike when anyone uses this terminology. Anytime I see it then I feel it's forced and fake. Love and trust happen organically not forced as a competition to “win back”. You guys still had a fairly young relationship and she decided to step out those are not the actions of someone that is in love with you. I wouldn't waste my time anymore with her simply because I don't trust her anymore.

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