Date: September 22, 2022
Actors: Saphiyraamore

13 thoughts on “DEBBIE CROSS

  1. You bring up the communication issue by itself. You express you can’t be happy or move forward if “we” can’t figure out how to do it together.

    Express it’s okay for her to shut down/get upset when it happens(that’s human), and you need to not touch it so you don’t damage each other until emotions calm.

    Say you need for y’all both to be able to talk about it later w/o emotions(or only about how you felt vs blaming what they did if it’s personal). Letting problems build is how you end up with trouble in a lot of areas of life and get resentful toward your partner. You also have to say you need and want her honesty because you think it’s important she have a say on how you figure these things out.

    At the end of the day, this relationship dies if y’all can’t do that.

    End it if you realize it’s not possible because w/o a real partner here it’s hard to be happy long term running the bus solo.

  2. You should also try to record the interaction if you confront him in any way. Not to be sneaky but to protect yourself in case he does say something and later claims he didn't say that at all and calls you crazy. Really hope the recording isn't needed, but trust me, it's better to be able to go back and see exactly what he said if he starts gaslighting you. As the kids say these days, get them receipts girl.

  3. I hate towing the Reddit standard line, but this is literally the line it is based on. Depending on your country, either lawyer up or take what you can and run. Sorry, mate.

  4. I wont be attending if he’s not invited in the future. But for example, shes hosting a memorial for a cousin that’s close to me and that’s how this came up. I don’t want to not attend any family events…especially not this one if you know what I mean. My question isn’t how to handle my mom or if I should go to events…the question is how to talk to my BF. He talks about interacting with her more often and how I should get more comfortable with them together

  5. It's such a larger topic.

    At the time, I had paid for the entire trip (he paid me back after), and I had given him my phone because I had an international plan so he could use it while he was out.

    So not only was I sick, I was completely isolated. I was expressing to him while I was there, but he wasn't really understanding. I also was behind a sickness I have ever experienced.

    So not only was I sick, I was completely isolated. I was expressing to him while I was there, but he wasn't understanding. I also was beyond sick – it was terrifying.

  6. I didn’t realize it either. I just assumed it was a girl friend at first. But the avatar is a guy and someone mentioned the possibility of them being a guy and then it clicked for me that this is just a really jealous dude going on a crusade because he wants this girl.

  7. Honestly, I’d prefer nefarious because there’s only one innocent victim in this, and someone who is a lemming is going to have a really hot life.

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