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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. EDIT-I didn’t mention but her ex boyfriend worked at McDonald’s and was very mean to her so she probably has a very hot time forgetting

    Probably has a hard time forgetting?

    Not an excuse dude. Or a reason. If I walk up to you and dump a strawberry milkshakes over your head, and say you remind me of my ex, so I'm probably having a very hot time forgetting him – does that make me a bitch?

    Yes? Huh, go figure…

    Your girl needs therapy, not exposure to these poor workers.

  2. Me too. I have some whiskers from a beloved cat. I keep them in a special box with his collar. I even told my therapist about it years ago, and she shared that she also has a keepsake box for a dog she had. This is not remotely abnormal.

  3. Are you kidding? Because if you're considering marriage with a person you should be open with them. At the bare minimum mention you have problems with your family and that's why you don't want her to meet them.

  4. sounds like you’re incompatible and you should move on if your fiancé caring for his family really sends you over the edge

  5. You play two card monte with him.

    1 is for a therapist/couples counseling.

    2 is for a lawyer.

  6. Some people who own, go own vacation, and come back to squatters living as if renting their home. Often the owners have to go through all the steps a landlord would to evict said squatters.

  7. The real problem is

    It’s a symptom of mental illness and nobody can convince him to get help

    But your primary concern is

    it makes me feel like I don’t have a boyfriend, or worry that he’ll just stop talking to me altogether instead of dumping me

    If he is checking out of life/with everyone for days on end due to mental health issues, he needs professional help.

    If he is checking out/ignoring only you, you should ask if he wants to be with you, and tell him this level of engagement isn't enough for you. If he doesn't improve, leave him. Being depressed isn't an excuse to treat people badly. If he can only manage that, and it's not for you, you can leave.

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