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Date: September 25, 2022

7 thoughts on “Dakota Blare on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Talk to your counselor about it. Your experience is not in any way unusual. Give it some time and space while giving yourself some grace. There isn’t a right or wrong way to process your grief.

  2. Ha…effing…wai?

    Business trip?

    Sweet candid boy did get invited by his boss to a business trip.

    Turned out they played chess all night in that one bed they had.

    Either is HE stupid. His boss is clearly trying to seduce him.

    Or he thinks OP may be stupid.

    How dare he think he would get away with that story?

    Where she really may be after him but him not after her (benefice of doubt about 0,5 %) that's no reason for lying!

  3. Meh. I filed and was in the middle of a divorce and still living with my ex when I had to have an emergency surgery. I got friends to help as he was useless.

    I’d just rip the bandaid off and start making the plans. There’s never a good time to get divorced.

  4. The only reason I ever hear why people don’t do this is so they can squander their money without being second guessed by their spouse.

    That’s why you should.

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