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  1. Have you ever considered speaking to a therapist & working with them and figure out what's really going on? NGL seems as your youngest is 17 being a SAHM has become boring and unnecessary for quite a few years now. So you've had an incredible amount of time to reflect and dwell. Your ex tried to test the waters to see if you'd be open to an affair and it seems exciting, “the one that got away” wanting to reunite.

    Maybe if you started getting back into work, even just part-time, maybe with some volunteering, perhaps studying to reskill yourself, I am sure your days would fill up again. And from not being bored, your perspective on your ex trying to instigate an affair would feel different.

  2. that’s not really “framing” it a certain way or diffusing blame, just explaining how she sees it now. saying she didn’t like him that much as a person or it was unhealthy attachment doesn’t really have anything to do with it not being her choice to do these things or her responsibility. saying she feels bad/guilt, having cut the relationship off long ago, and admitting she kept it a secret because she knew OP would leave and she liked him is as honest as it gets and basically all she can do. if OP can’t forgive, and idk if I’d be able to either, he should walk away no matter how many years it’s been rather than make himself miserable. but that doesn’t make his GF an evil manipulative villain. just someone who did something really shitty and is going to have to accept the consequences of it.

  3. From what I glanced over you should also get her for distributing your sex videos without your permission and making money from them under the revenge porn laws.

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