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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. You notice how his tantrums used to be different, but you figured out a way to deal with them… And then he changed to his current approach? To me, that looks like he's deliberately acting in a way that will upset you, either to control you or because he likes to hurt you.

    But even if his behavior isn't deliberate, having tantrums at 34 is unacceptable. And demanding a server give you their charger is really selfish and entitled. This is not a healthy relationship, and you cannot fix it.

  2. If he says its once a week, ask what day, see if can get a photo or describe her clothing, anything which you can independently verify if she was actually there based on a day she was out of the house, wore a certain top/dress/shoes.

    Ask what the guy looks like, if its the same person

    He could be making it up, until you can verify anything its a rumour.

    Don't acuse her of anything until you have proof, because if you trust her, then trust her until proven otherwise. and if she is having an affair and you acuse her of being at a certain restartant with the guy, and no proof, well they won't ever go back there.

    If you get proof take her there for dinner seeing she likes it so much.

  3. That wouldn't be the issue here. No jury on planet earth is going to argue that a break-in while you're asleep in bed isn't a good enough reason to attack someone.

    The real issue would be if OP in this made up power fantasy situation went too far in beating up the imaginary intruder.

    UK law says you're always within your right to defend yourself as long as:. A) you aren't looking for a fight (i.e. provoking people or deliberately putting yourself in a vulnerable situation to attract someone to attack you)

    B) A “reasonable person” (as defined by the jury) in the same situation probably would've done the same thing

    C) You stop hitting them when you believe that they're no longer a threat to you. E.g. knocked out, restrained, or trying to run away. Again, at what point you “believed” someone to no longer be a threat is a matter for you to convince the jury of, and if I recall, there's legal precedent for the “red mist” defence, where someone offended, frightened or threatened your safety so intensely that you weren't acting rationally, but on instinct and reaction. If OP's made up girlfriend would testify that he snapped out of it when she screamed, then that would make good evidence for this argument.

  4. At best he meant to send it to someone else at worst he meant to send it to your sister and see what happens

  5. I mean, it's pretty simple.

    You are welcome when they invite you over for dinner. But anything outside of that is an intrusion into their personal space. So stop going over as often as you do, and for as long as you do.

    It sounds like you are spending a lot of time there, which they are unhappy about. They agreed to have your BF move in with them, but they didn't agree to having you over all the time too.

    It's their home. Their rules. They have made you welcome by inviting you over for dinner on a regular basis for a couple of hours, but you are now coming over earlier & on weekends. They have decided that they are not OK with that (and they don't have to be OK with their nephews GF of only 4 months being over all the time).

  6. bro don’t respond at all she will lead you onto a heartbreak, cut it off now before it gets worse dude. If she couldn’t meet you on Sunday cause of work, then ended up not going to work at all. Then tells you to make plans on Monday for her just to say it’s actually her father’s birthday to avoid you. Don’t waste YOUR time wanting to hangout with someone who doesn’t want to spend their time with you.

  7. I think you have identified the issues. As long as slow doesn't become stalled, I would persist.

  8. I’m the UK we don’t have routine gynaecology check ups, you only go if you have a specific problem. Everyone shouts for the NHS but they’re only great for emergency treatment, the routine care is horribly lacking even if it is better than nothing.

  9. I'm a 34 year old woman, basically her same age, and I can't even begin to express how unbelievably creepy that is. A 19 year old is still a child in my eyes, no offense. It's just that so much has happened in the time since I was that age that I can't imagine being able to bridge that gap with a romantic connection. Literally impossible.

    She's preying on you because you're young and vulnerable and susceptible to flattery. She wants someone who is easy to manipulate. That's gross. Please ignore her and focus on meeting and hanging out with friends your own age. I promise you, it's so much healthier.

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